My Latest Project "adidas Ultrabounce"

Here is my entry for the October(Freestyle) contest that I just submitted. But here is the description and let me know what you guys think.

The adidas Ultrabounce CF is a shoe that was inspired by high end prosthetic feet and adidas’s existing Bounce technology. The idea is too increase energy return with each step. Each pod has a circular Carbon Fiber Spring enclosed in it. The Carbon Fiber Spring is engineered to withstand the impact of the runners stride, but flexible enough to spring back into place to provide energy return. Over 80 adiWEAR outsole pods increase durability and provide a wider range of surfaces to run on, from mountain trails to cityscapes. External molded heel counter adds maximum support. An exposed full length inner bootie adds comfort and maximum breathability.

Hey Reggie2k4!
Nice Sketchwork! . . .I would say stick with the markers and pencils instead of the pshop. You have much nicer feel with them than the digital rendering! Your design also has like some Believable adidas trail/running design language to me.

the underside view doesn’t really seem to match up with the side views, its all looks flat.

Thanks for the comments. I know the drawing looks flat but as a jpeg it lost some of the shading so I will try to change it. I like hand stuff better than PS but I have to improve so. Is there anymore comments as far as the actual design goes, as well as the function of the shoe.

Ya your makers are a whole different level then your photoshop…

Good stuff regie, your sketches have so much energy, I would work on bringing that to your renderings. A lot of the lines got softened in translation. Like the 3/4 sketch, that toe bumper was much crisper in the sketch. Watch the proportions, your laces are very thin, and your eyestay is very wide. Also I question the sheer amount of logos, giant Adidas with 3 stripes in th heel, and another in the quarter, a third on the tongue, the stripes on the quarter, and again on the toe, then across the vamp…another adidas with the 3 stripes on the toe again… way too much man.

On the 3/4, the heel strap seems to sit below the collar on the lateral, but floats above it on the medial.

The bottom view proportion could be a lot sleeker, more sexy.

Simplify and bring that energy back you have in the hand sketches!

Thanks for the comments. Yo I almost feel honored that you are commenting on my work, all I need is Richard K to comment and I would be happy for the rest of the week. LOL!

I was kind of worried that the shoe came off as some type of Reebok DMX, so I wanted to really get it across that it was an adidas shoe but I guess I went overboard.The heel strap I forgot to redo on the other side. I did a change to my sketch in illustrator so it kinda through me off, but that is an easy fix. As far as the proportions, I used a running shoe template by Ryan Holler, but I wanted to follow the template loosely, I guess it was too loose.

Here is the template I used. In what areas are the proportions way off, so I can so I can fix it? I redid the laces and took one of the adidas logos away. Right now I trying to think of different ways I can take the excess logos away from the toe cap and maybe the bounce logo without the shoe looking empty. I tried to redo the shading so the shoe doesn’t look so flat but when I changed it to jpeg it lost some of the shading again. Any tips on how I can correct this? Thanks again.

Hi Reggie :slight_smile:
Nice concept and good luck for KG.

Concerning your proportion: The shoe has a nice proportion, but because the lace were too thin the shoe looked way off.
Proportion is everything around and into the design. You should pay attention on each details and elements you design on your shoe. If the lace are too thin, the shoe will look off. If the midsole is too small or too thin the design will visually be bad or off.
Now that you have a good design, it would be nice if you work more on each element to make it visually well proportioned and give it an overall nice feel.

How is the the pods going to be attached to the midsole?

the last piece of the sole that wrap around the toe seems to be suspended and doesn’t look good. Try to give that piece the same design language of the pods, or maybe make it orange so that it doesn’t stick out that much.

These are the elements for my opinion that need to be worked out:

The oval bounce logo on the lateral view (the way it is placed bugs me)
The Inner bootie ( the overall shape is good…but would be nice if you reduce the topline)
The Midsole is kinda thin and doesnt communicate on how the pods will be attached to it. Maybe having some slots were the pods could be placed in will be good and will communicate you design better.

the midfoot 3 stripes piece …?

Overall good design, and again good luck for this month KG :slight_smile:

The shoe doesn’t really have a midsole I was thinking about using some type of shank or support cage that wraps around the shoe. Similiar to Shox or the AM 360(see below). As far as the inner bootie, you think I should make the height of it shorter? The pods are inserted in the midsole and it does have slots but it is on the under side of the shoe. I will post a sketch later, to demostrate this better. I thinking the pods would be glued to the bottom of shoe. As far as the toe piece that would be glued to the bottom also. I thought about have a pod there to but it wouldn’t be functional and I thought it would hinder performance. It wouldn’t provide a smooth transition from heel-to-toe. What exactly don’t you like about the Bounce logo, can you be specific about what bothers you so have a better understanding how I can fix it? What do you want to know about the 3 stripes at the mid-foot?

Looks like you traced an air max 360 shoe for the template… not the best. Tracing photos is hard as the camera often distorts the image a bit as the form falls away… Also, the airmax 360 has high tooing sidewalls to accommodate the technology which is less than ideal IMO.

But, just to use this template because that is what you have, compare the height of the sketch’s toebox to the height in the template, toes got to fit in there dude! Vamp is longer in the template, top eyelet on the eyestay would be higher in the template, heel collar height is lower.

All the stuff in not WAY off, it’s just subtle fixes that will make the discussion more about the design (which we haven’t really talked about yet!) rather than the drawing. The goal for me is to always make the drawing a non-issue, so people focus on the concept (which we should start talking about…)

I don’t know what shoe Ryan Holler used to make that template, it does look like a Air Max. Do you have any better templates I could use? I didn’t realize how off the shoe was. I was so caught up in the concept, I overlooked the details. I’ve been making pretty pictures and not designing shoes. But I will try to fix the drawing so we can talk about the concept.

“What exactly don’t you like about the Bounce logo”

The placement of the logo is good, it’s just that it would be nice if the white piece of leather underneath could be removed. just give it a try and see how it looks.

“What do you want to know about the 3 stripes at the mid-foot?”

Since you are going to fix the drawing, I will wait and see how you are going to work them out.

Karabo could you post pics of the Kobe shoe you did, maybe a couple of months ago I like to save all renderings and sketches I can get my hands on to for reference.

Dont know which one, but this one is more recent and have a better proportion and rendering. Let me know

Actually I wasn’t talking about them. I have seen those. Are those the one you did for the freestyle? They are nice. I was talking about the black and yellow pair of Kobe’s you did. I think your inspiration was the Kobe’s daughters, Diamente and Giavanna.

Karabo_ those Huaraches are sweet.


Thanks Yo.

Reggie, i dont know if you want the shoe rendering by itself or if you need this presentation board?
The Huarache above is not for the freestyle, i’m glad that you like it. i’m working on a VC Shox for the freestyle.

Let me know if this is ok? The proportion of this one is way off carefull


Karabo how long does it usually take you to do the line work in illustrator?How long does it take to do the rendering in Photoshop?