I’m an ID grad of NC State and will graduate in this Fall. Above are my latest portfolio and Coroflot link. Any comment and suggestion is absolutely welcome.

Thank you!


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I didn’t spend much time at your website because I find it confusing.

Presentation wise, I don’t think you have expressed your concept on the sex toy well. First of all, I don’t understand how it is interactive. How do couples use it over the cyber space? How does the toy achieve that? What’s the interface? Also, the object itself looks more like a mechanical pacifier. Its form is not suggestive in either the context or utility.

Concept wise, in your electric scooter presentation, you mentioned that the usage of energy on transportation needs to be carefully looked at, but you made an electric scooter, much like the segway, for INDOOR usage? Hmmm… I would want to promote walking rather than creating a product that, of all things, consumes energy for convenience.

I see 3 issues in the digital camera concept.
Firstly, you have a transparent screen to act as a frame, which is awesome. It mimics the motion of a photographer framing a potential composition with his hands. However, you have the lens in the middle, which led me to wonder how is the image(data) transmitted to the main body? Does it use a CCD? If not, I would expect to see some sort of connection between the camera body and the lens.

Secondly, it’s pretty obvious that if you have such an exposed transparent screen, it’s going to get scratched, especially in your last page where the phone is featured half tucked in the back pocket. So how do you prevent the “ipod nano disaster”?

Lastly, it seems that you are trying to eliminate the LCD that is used to preview or view photos. Well, then why do you still include a touch control screen? Doesn’t that contradict your concept? Why not physicalize all controls with intuitivly designed buttons and knobs, then project the feedback graphics on the transparent screen like HUD?

Maybe I didn’t read the projects enough, but these are just some things that I feel are the missing links here.

At first, thanks for your reply.

The interactive sex toy project is finished but still not complete. I think more than 3-4 slides is reasonable for further explanation which I’d like to express.

The interior electric scooter was team-work about 3 years ago. We believed this kind of application agrees with certain indoor situations, such as shopping mall or airport. (Unfortunately I lost most of data of this project, which contains the important scenario and work-flow parts)

The concept cellphone indeed needs a connection between lens and main-body. However, due to the property of this project (concept), I didn’t mention about the wire. In fact it could be very thin. (necessary bandwidth isn’t very big)

About the scratch problem, I’ll let the incoming iPhone worries about it first. :sunglasses:

Finally, I setup the touch screen LCD for review only (in camera mode). The only thing I cut off is preview function. I once planed to set the transparent part as writing area, just like the palm PDA has. But it’s been canceled since I think it might distract the focus.

from my point of view, “WYSIWYG” project is an anti-iPhone concept. iPhone might be a good product, but I don’t appreciate it, which solves problems in expensive ways.

I still appreciate your comments. Thank you! :smiley:

your web site means well but doesn’t deliver…tiz slow and clumsy…it said loading 100% for a while…conflicting message…why dont you just keep it simple (go look over on AskTog:)

Your coroflot is better, as I could actually look at your work…I have to agree with mr M. Cow…that the sex toy doesn’t look very sensual i thought it was a set of ear phones first of all…and why do need 12 slides to explain the concept?..why do you have a slide that says ‘the end’? And you want to add another 3-4! Someone looks at something for a very short period of time and if you dont grab them they wont continue.

I’ve seen that camera concept all over the place…lots and lots of students do this, yeah your renderings are nice but again does each of the 12 slides add value or just repeat information/skill set ability?

Whats with the crutches? Have you made a rig to test if that would actually work. looks like you were inspired from those springy legs things for aputys , but that crutch looks overkill

I think what 666 meant is for your actual portfolio, you need to show your development and that may take many pages. However, coroflot is different. Usually people don’t spend time going through coroflot samples. It’s more like teasers, and will be best if you can explain your design in one page.

Things that are tall and “pole-like”, such as walking crane and umbrella are often stored behind doors or the corner of the closet to save space. The crutch design doesn’t do that. So, what is the user scenario?

I don’t think the iphone was ever set out to solve any problem. In fact, I think it’s going to create more problems than there already is. However, it does present a different way of interface even though they aren’t the ones who invented it.

That said, I didn’t see the “problem” that your design is trying to solve. I didn’t think it was a problem solving design by the first look.

On the sex toy project, just would like to share a little bit of my attempt. I was looking into a sex toy project earlier too, and even tried to get interviewees. However, the intention of the project was never set out to create an object. It was to research and discuss how an object can reflect the type of relationships between people and vice versa. During the interviews, I realized that human emotions are simply too complicated to understand within a project period. Everyone has their own problems and perspective, and everyone is right! There is no one absolute “object” that will cater for multiple suituations. I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is, the “world” of a person is beyond anyone else’s grasp, but we are always interacting on the superfical level that we can see. I aborted the project but the lesson led to another project.

So my point is, when it comes to relationships between people, sexual or not, it’s never about the object. The object may be a tool to facilitate a relationship, but it will never be the focus. So, If I were you, I will focus on the scenario of the kind of relationships or emotion that you are trying to generate through your design, because your actual product is not the object, but its effects on the users.

Maybe you should seek advice from this guy :smiley:


I love your interface… It is very sensible and oryginal. It should work slightly faster but congratulations anyway…

I want to see more on your Pkg design of the beer cases. I don’t really understand how they work and although they look impractical they look like they are some interesting ideas. You might want to elaborate on this as Pkg design is a quick and rising field.

I did some fine-tuning to my portfolio and the slow-loading website. The first one should be faster now. Thanks for any comment!

I like the layout of the pages much better now. However, there’s still problems with the website interface.

I know you just used a pre-designed host to present the slides, but those hosts have horrible interface design. For the first link, it takes a long time to load(long enough even though I have cable connection), and I had no idea how to navigate it.

The second link is much simpler, but offers little space for personal information as compared to coroflot.