My (late) entry for MUJI competition

Due to a busy summer I didn’t get any work done for the muji design competition this year. Soon after the deadline during a trip to the US I got thinking about a concept. I’ve just done this for my portfolio and because the idea was always in my head bugging me…

Here’s the breif - MUJI AWARD 03 | テーマについて | Theme for 2008

So since i can’t submit it would be cool to hear what you guys think? Sorry for the poor image quality.

:confused: ummm, that sort of thing exists. Your concept is a bit more stylish. But at banks they have similar things but the front is either open or clear to more easily see the coins inside. I would try and capitalize on how these tubes can be put in the pocket, that way you can manage change better, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. I was in Israel in January and I hated looking like a tourist looking at my coins for the value.

A slight correction: here in the US those paper rolls are used within the bank system, not by consumers. I think they’re provided that way from the US Mint. If you go to the bank and ask for a bunch of coins, they’ll give you them this way. I think it’s far less common for consumers to take the time to “roll their own” … what’s the benefit?

Usually when people want cash for their coins, they take them un-sorted to the bank. The bank dumps them into a rapid sorter which then reads-out the total. This is much easier than sorting the coins yourself. I do this every couple of years when the loose change has really piled up (kept in a milk jug.)

In the US it’s very common to use a “Coinstar” vending machine, which is found in every grocery-store I’ve ever been in. But they charge you an outrageous 15%, so I perfer the bank route.

I always assumed this was the case everywhere too CG. Shortly after we moved to Michigan a few years back, we went to the local bank with a huge tub of change and the person assisting us gave us the rolls and told us to come back with them rolled up…I was in disbelief, “REALLY!?”
Not saying that is the case at a lot of places, but that was my last experience with it. We opted to go to the coinstar machine at the grocery store instead (no fee if you take a gift certificate instead of cash).

Glad to be back in Illinois LOL :laughing:

Thanks for your replies,

I think I’ve missed an important page in explaining the problem I was trying to tackle…

Not a great photo I know, but living in student accommodation for a number of years it’s something I see often, on peoples desks, and a lot of people don’t even bother. This project was to try and bring a functional approach while using the philosophy of muji.

Thanks for the information on the coin-tainer. This was just inspiration, when I saw these I was staying at a college over in the states and ordered a pizza, they guy i ordered pizza with had no notes so he gave me these instead… It was in Florida, the bank gives them to you to do it yourself.

But at banks they have similar things but the front is either open or clear to more easily see the coins inside.

Where can I buy this? I don’t see how it’s the same… This is for consumers, not banks, would you have one of those things the bank uses sitting on your desk?

Oh and P.S. Simon Four Fingers, sound familiar?

…I never have been a fan of people saying something looks like something else that is already out.

Should do, you said it the other day lol.