my ipod submission

This was my kicksguide ipod submission. I wanted it to have- color, movement, and interesting negative space, like the ipod commercials. The upper is made up of hollow, plastic, tubing.

Feedback welcome.

Joe Sattler

Oh! and The colored shapes are plastic panels that keep the foot in place.

I don’t get the fins on the heels. They look like an after thought. I think the design would be more powerful and clean with out them.

It’s an interesting idea, with the tubes for the upper, but all of the platicy bits that are placed on top and odd tooling really detract from your overall thought. You could make this much more impactfull by simplifying, that is the power of the iPod. Also, get those proportions in shape. Before you render make sure your proportions are dialed in.

joe your XX concept had a similar heel cushioning, no?

Thanks for the comments.

Yenomoris- I looked at my xx again and I can see some similarities.

The heel has a family resemblance to the shoes from Elizabethtown. I d suggest removing them

OK, so the heel should be changed.
I never saw elizabethtown. Does anyone have a good picture of the shoe from the film?

There is a topic in here somewhere about the shoe…