My Internship

Hey all

Ive just landed a one year internship in the uk paying the equivalent of $20,200 per annum.

Whats this salary like compared with american internships???

well you’re coming in on the low end my friend.

currently i am interning at nike and i am being paid $16/hr along with stipends for travel and housing. without the stipends the 16/hr is around 35k a year…

but you also have to realize that internships in europe are paid consideribly lower than in the states, if at all… so feel good that you’re getting paid over there.

i have a buddy right now interning in belgium i think he’s pulling in somewhere around the same area you are.

also take into account how many internships you’ve done? is this your first one? the more you do, the more you make… i’m on internship #5 here so i’ve seen a steady increase each time out.

good luck in the UK.

Intens in Europe do get paid, there are dodgy companies everywhere man, so don’t talk about things you don’t know like If you were the biggest authority in the matter.

I don’t think interns get paid according to how much they are “worth”. It’s up to the company to treat you well.

stupid question…stupid answers. no-one knows as it wildly varies from country to country, company to company.
the fact that you asked the question, suggests you think you deserve more.
be happy that you are getting paid at all. the are literally thousands of other designers in the uk who would be willing to work for free.
face it, you were in the right place at the right time. don’t think it was anything else, you lucky shit.

now all you have to do is prove that you are worth even that salary.

Intern earnings would seem to me to be an issue of supply and demand. The more desirable the employer/experience-offered-by-the-employer, the lower the compensation offered by that employer to the intern.

…not allways. Actually some of the smallest little firms tend to be the dodgiest on pay, while a lot of the big places that have people clamouring to get in has set up internship systems with pay standards.


I agree Europe doesnt really pay their interns well... Ive interned in France, Germany, Japan and now the US (I study in paris, France).
I have interned in both huge and tiny companies.

My first internship was paid 300 euros/month and I was working for a freelance designer.
Most of the interns I`ve known in paris were getting paid as much or nothing. Exept in big luxury brands like louis vuitton where as a senior you get paid up to 1300/month.

My second one was 700/month but that’s because adidas had mistaken me for a senior otherwise I would have gotten 500/month (and no help with travel expenses)
My third one in japan for toyota was around 2500/month but housing and travel expenses were taken care of. But I met a lot of other europeans interns working for free in smaller firms.

And now at Nike i`m being an even better pay (housing and travel are partly taken care of too).

My next (and final) internship will be back in Europe : amsterdam and still with nike but I have no idea how much I will earn I just have an airplane ticket from portland to amsterdam (so at least I know I wont get any vacation to rest a few days at home in paris too bad). I just know that I definitely wont get paid as much as here for a fact. I`m getting a better pay as an intern here than if I were a full designer 1 in Europe.

So I might be a cliche. But it really seams that for a european interning overseas is a bonus, especially in a big firm.

Oh and the best paid internship were also the ones with the most interesting jobs so it can all go together sometimes :slight_smile:)

Good luck finding jobs

Hi Sln! name is Rod and I’m currently in the MID at Pratt and I’m very interested in sports and sport shoe design, could you please ilustrate me in how did you get the internship at NIke, I’m very interested in the chance to intern for them…thanks a lot



Well I guess I was very very very lucky !

You know, internships like jobs are, I think 60% luck. I guess I was at the right place at the right time
Basically Nike came to my school (in France) to present the company and then lots of students were sent in for an interview. Mine must have lasted like 5 minutes (we were in a hurry).

So I can`t really give advice on the interview for all my internships all my interviews lasted 15minutes max if there was an interview.

i really worked on my portfolio though. My advice would be to have fun with your portfolio, enjoy doing it and it will communicate that you enjoy designing. Show who you are, keep it personnal. Try to put various stuff in it.

Also (VERY IMPORTANT) it has to be CLEAN.
No stain, no hair, no anything. And little details like a nice presentation (while still keepin focus on your projects), nice paper, nice printing or binding.

Some people might get their hands on your portfolio before designers do and something like a spelling mistake might get them to throw it to trash.

Think of your portfolio as a product you`re designing.

Well at least that`s what I tried to do.

So good luck !

PS : putting shoes designs on your portfolio is not necessary. I didn`t have any.

some internship jobs here if you’re a uk creative :slight_smile:

hi…i’m on my second year of my design college.
and about next year i’m looking for internship in asia(it’s not far from my location now)…especially in Hong kong…
i need some information since i’m new about this…such as…how i send my resume, is there any prochedure of sending portfolio?

thank you…

Matteo : where in the UK are you, and what will/are you doing? That works out at a £11K, which is pretty low tbh. If your in London then :open_mouth: BUT, you are VERY lucky to have an internship as it’s incredibly difficult i the UK just now. Good luck. :smiley:

I am an Industrial Design Student in Colombia (South America) and I am interested in making an internship in Design Research or Design Management. Could you help me? Does Anyone know about anything related to internships in any of those areas?

Hi Paulk

Only just read your post so i though id answer your questions.

I agree £11k, as far as wages go in the UK, is very low indeed but the way i look at it, its more than i get in student loans and my costs are the same so i will easily be better off. Im at derby uni and the placement is in stafford so obviously we are not talking london prices.

The company design and manufacture bespoke storage for vehicles for companies such as british gas, ntl, british telecom and the AA and my role will include client meetings, product development, CAD design and project management. We already have a student there and i will certainly see the things i will get to design go into manufacture.

Im realy looking forward to it. Sure, its not a posh agency with fancy premises and an in-house gym designing lovely little high street products, but its real world experience for 1 year which will give me plenty of time to hone my skills and prepare the best portfolio and dissertation for my final year of study.



Agreed on all points. Looks great on the CV too. Best of luck to you.