my glorious home, my gigantic dustbin, is my email woes ?!

I wrote to someone and said I was busy with my ‘trash’ and put on hold on the proposal I suggested about doing a blog on materials…that person said ‘may come back to you and start off the blog’…
the person seemed to be offended and hasn’t replied in the usual gap of 3 days…

what would you do ?..

I think the person thought I didn’t want to do it, probably reading in too much…because i also chat why i didn’t go the college where the person was teaching…

or maybe I just took for granted that my funny way of writing isn’t exactly that funny…

‘I am clearing my trash and my room’s a gigantic dustbin… you may come and contact me but please wait till I complete my trash…’
I wrote something like that…I like to play and write to people. Probably that wasn’t what was being seen…

I did email a few days later to say my rubbish was cleared and that I could do the blog then though…

oh hell…worse than my dustbin now…

i’m sorry, but i laughed a bit reading your post. :slight_smile:

i’ve done the same, said things in emails or IM, thinking i’m just being funny. when in reality, the other party knows i’m not, ha. i’m come to realize that no one “gets” my humour in online correspondence…or maybe it’s really that i’m not funny. who knows? don’t worry too much about it. you did write back and say you were free then, right? that’s pretty much all you can do.

it’s funny…thinking about how we communicate by speaking, and through typed electronic messages…some things just don’t translate.

This is a funny thing, I remember my early attempts at removed sarcasm via aol chat back in the late 90’s. Now it’s primarily text messages, trying to evaluate what the person meant, were they being funny, etc.?

I think a lot of this has to do with the lack of context from both sides. Since you are removed from each other, chances are you may not be fully aware of the environment, mood, etc of the person you are conversing with as this will effect their interpretation of this information.

thats ok to laugh :slight_smile:

i am a funny person
i don’t mind being laughed at
cos i laugh at myself manytimes.

just felt somewhat bad
because i think the person probably thinks i was playing around
but i didn’t !!


that person is actually a well known prof at a college.
maybe i hit the wrong buttons
i like to chat casually after a long day while replying the relevant materials.

maybe just maybe that the person thinks i am chatting him up ?!?

if thats the case, i’m dead meat !!

i thought of emailing a short note, saying i don’t mean it if there was anything wrong please pardon. or: i don’t mean to be chatty but thats the way i am. sounds horrible already.

at worst i could say:

i may be way too problematic but i really didn’t mean it.

but i am apprehensive that that extra email may land me into a larger dustbin that no hoover could clean it…
now i look worse than bridget jones now…

can’t do very much, can I ?

just laugh at myself and about life’s queer moments and don’t repeat it ever.