My Funny Valentine

Male/Female true story:

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. I met this guy in the lobby of a respectable business. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that there was a mutual attraction. We sat there quietly for a while, no one saying a word. Then he glanced over and began to talk about the weather. He mentioned how he wished for sunnier days, I too mentioned my dislike of the gloomy weather. Again another moment of silence, then he asked me where I’m from, what city and the attraction began to grow a little stronger. We both realized that we lived a considerable distance apart. Probably 2 hours away by car. My appointment was called and I left but before leaving he asked me my name and I aksed him his first name too.

We exchanged nothing more than glances, casual conversation but there was this unmistakable attraction. Upon leaving that business I said good-bye calling his first name since that’s all I really knew him by.

Days passed by and I didn’t think much about him except for this strange attraction. To my surprise, I received an email from him a few days later. The funny part is that we never exchanged more than first names. So how did he get my email address.

Hence, My Funny Valentine!!!

Sounds like this guy pulled the move Im pulling right now. I just wish she’d write back. :cry:

Well I wrote back.

We exchanged phone numbers and are going out this Saturday. He actually told me that he was a little nervous in the lobby where we met. However, he contact me anyway. He said he thought what’s the worst she could do write me a tell me she’s not interested.

Stilll curious how he got my info though. Oh well I like this guy so if he has to use the power of cyber space to get to me I commend him for his efforts. Wish more guys would be aggressive like him.

It’s a real turn on.

Peace, I think you’re a dude making up a fruity story. Have a beer on me when you’re sitting there alone on Valentines Day.

This is sad.

This is probably why there are so few women who pursue a career in design. Our opinions and comments are devalued just because we are women. I bet it will take another 50 years for us to make the same pay and get the same respect.

Not Fair!!!

Look dude, it’s ok for you to admit that you’re a sensitive guy. I’m actually glad you’re here filling out the demographic. Now stick to design and keep your romantic ramblings to yourself.

be careful you weren’t being stalked and that the accidental meeting wasn’t staged and he already knew your traveling habits and email.

im that dude.
i googled you.

Sounds like someone’s been there done that :stuck_out_tongue:

Naaah, saw it on an episode of seinfeld. Jerry remembers where she works then just “happened” to be there during the lunch break, oh what a coincidence meeting you here!

Yeah thats a great one. He then asks her… “So, do you date immature men?”


did you ever think he got your name from someone in the office you were in. maybe from a business card.

When (if) you go out with him. ASk him how he got your address…Unless he read it on a piece of paper ypu were holding it means the office you were visiting is pretty liberal with your personal info.

It’s me, my web page is:

last link = obsene


Dammit, I shoulda looked at the screenname.

I just vommited a little :exclamation: :exclamation:

F%#K you Bukkake