My full portfolio, Any ideas?

Hey guys,

Could you give me any hints as to what i should include in my full portfolio, I’ve been to a number of interviews at respectable practices but still dont have a job. What else should i include?

Should i roughen it up a bit more?

As a graduate portfolio I think it is very weak. When you think of yourself as an ID candidate for a job, think of ALL of the skill sets a great designer should have. Then think of how to highlight those aspects (or work to increase your strengths). And by skillsets I mean sketching, modelling (study models, appearance models, 3d models), research, ideation, collaboration, rendering, etc.

Your sketches are very weak and your projects don’t really explain how you use sketching as a tool in your process. The end result reads as “I had this idea I liked and I built it”. The forms you’re using read as very basic as well without a lot of detailing or consideration for ergonomics.

One of the best student projects I’ve seen in recent history was a spatula. On it’s own it was only an OK styled, nice looking model of a spatula. But as I read through the project the student showed:

User research
~20 Human factors validation models (foam handles of different shapes + an ergonomic study model)
Validation of the research
Nice sketches for the details
Nice 3D model
Nice rapid prototype and finished appearance model.

All of those things combined took what was an “eh” project and turned it into a “WOW!” process example. Thats what employers want to see, and thats the kind of work that can help you land jobs.

If you don’t have that work already in a form you can show off, I’d revisit some projects or do some of your own to help get the folio up to snuff. It’s a VERY competitive field and a particularly difficult time to land jobs with the economy in the gutter. You need to make yourself stand out if you’re going to get your foot in the door.

Cheers for the feedback.

I’ll re-organise it and upload much more of my process work.


Heres my full portfolio, The one I take to interviews. It includes some pages with development etc.

What do you think?