My first toy design (portable speakers)


Here is my first toy design and first working model. It is one of the project that I made last semester. Instead of just being a toy, I added some speakers to make it more interesting. :slight_smile:

let me know what you think.


Very cool - that’s a nice little form/minimal character design. What does it do besides being a speaker?

One suggestion would be to integrate the cord into the form better, maybe through a rubber strain relief. I’d also love to see you expand on more of the character elements you have going in your sketches. And this little guy is screaming for some cool graphics/color studies…

I liked the exploration sketch with the mouth, I could see the mouth as a volume slider of sorts

Cool, thanks guys for the input. The speakers connects to my cell phone to play music. I’m trying to find a smaller speaker other than the sony that I bought, because it can only connect to my cell phone only. There’s no other function other than playing music.

Colors would be fun. I’m planning to make a 3D rendering and some more sketches to improve my model.

I’m trying to make another model soon but school is keeping very busy at this time.

haha, one tooth be a slider, that’d be fun

some cool process shots

as optimistic inquired, what does it do, you say it’s a toy, or is it a “Toy” like urban vinyl stuff? :smiley:

Yes, it’s more like urban vinyl toy.

How is the sound quality?

The sound quality is really good. I’m surprise that I was able to obtain close enough to its original sound. I did stuffed it with paper towels inside before I put it together. I used different material like blue foam to fill up the space but the paper towels was much better. I used a sony ericsson portable speakers.