my first solidworks project

Hello all

I have just created my first corfolio using my first solidworks project and i would be grateful for you feedback and critcism. The project deals with a fold up kids bike/trike and i have used photoshop for the background

I am relatively new to core77 so i am still getting the hang of how to set things up correctly but i hope to fill up the empty space with sketches and other developmental parts of the project very soon but for now any thoughts would be most helpful.

PS. i am a complete novice with photoshop so please dont be to harsh :wink:

Also is there anyway i could have posted these images without creating a corfolio as id rather not do that untill i have enough decent stuff

cheers in advance

  1. On the design side, I would suggest looking into how this bike would feel on someone’s back. It seems like it might just poke into a few places and hurt.

  2. On the modeling side, look at making your renderings more real. Play with the materials, and also see if you can use “indirect lighting”. I just found that recently on Photoworks and it makes a big difference.

cheers mate,

i hear what your saying about the ‘comfort factor’ on this project. the brief limited certain possibilities for example. no tools were allowed in the fold-upability (if thats a word!!), costs had to be kept to a minimum so as to not out price against standard product and aesthetics could not change to dramatically because not many parents would buy some odd ball looking design just because it folds well.

These were limitations that i found very dificult and challenging to work around. The seat is actually supposed to rest on the mid-back acting as a cushion.

Ill have a look for that lighting option as ive not seen it but i have 2005 SPO so not sure if you have same version but ill look all the same

please keep comments coming, i find this site very helpful in developing new ideas

I always thought it was weird that mens bikes had that bar up high and dangerouse, and womens bikes had it down low so that it wouldn’t slam up against the hoo haa. Why aren’t all bikes made like womens bikes? Just a thought.

Anyways I think that if you could bring back the old down low style of the big wheel that would be cool. Big wheels were so comfortable. lol. Remember that emergency hand break option? Oh yeah, and the Night Rider squirt gun option. haha. Kids are really missing out these days.

might set up a web page. geocities and others offer free pages. many wont allow image links (though seems Firefox shows geocities images).