My first shoe Alais Project

I will have to say this first, it is an unfinish design but I worked pretty hard to get this video done on time for my finally in Fall semester.

I am designing a very low profile shoe (thiner sole) which increase the flexibility of the sole and train your feet to respond to the ground more naturally. I also decrease the height of the heel and minimize the surface area to slowly fade out heel striking posture.

In the video, the upper fabric may appear too shiny but I am trying to mimic the materials on the PUMA Theseus Pro sprint spike. Can someone tell me what kind of polymer is that?

Hope you all enjoy the video, and please give me some suggestions too. Thank you for watching and have a great new year!

Bonus points for having a video… BUT, design first, gravy later! You’ve set some great goals, but I’m not sure how this design achieves those goals. Correcting people’s natural gate can be detrimental to the rest of their body, the best we can do is allow someone to run more correctly. Certainly less cushioning (like your set up) helps to keep people on their toes and use their foot dynamically to help self cushion. Having a carbon fiber arch support in a shoe with low cushioning properties might not be a good idea. If the foot is conditioned, and the upper is supportive, you don’t need crazy molded arch support which stiffins the entire shoe and defeats a lot of the other things you are doing. Also, I don’t imagine their being a lot of adjustability with that upper. Fit is one of the most important things in an athletic shoe. You’ve got to be able to get the shoe to fit your foot… and really nothing does that better than laces. Lastly, and most importantly, Last shape. This thing just does not look like a foot shape! Feet are shaped like speedboats. If this where a Puma lifestyle shoe, I’d say sure, go for a nutty last shape, but in a performance athletic shoe, the last should be based on the foot form. Do some research around Nike Free, they had a lot of the finding from that project online for awhile, you can probably still find it.

Cool, thanks yo. I was wonder how different components will do their job also. I can see why the hardened arch will defeat the thin sole now. I think I need to do some more research on applying the arch support in a more flexible way because ultimately I want to benefit flat feet user for extra support without extra add on cushioning.

Yep, I am actually blending the lifestyle shoe looks with performance in mind. Now it seems unsuccessful. As for a crazy last, how often does a new last produce in a big company like (Nike, Adidas, Puma…etc). It almost similar to a car company will not likely making new frame for cars. Also will a last be judged aesthetically in the early stage…I mean what come first designing the last or the actual design of the shoe? Will a new last likely be produce when a new form is developed(I understand it will be a huge capital investment but is it possible?)?

The last defines the shoe, so designing the last always comes first. If you are chasing a lifestyle aesthetic with the last, then it will never be as comfortable as a performance last, and you will have defeated the purpose of the product. I’d suggest you prioritize the project goals. If the goal is to make a shoe that enables the user to run more naturally, the last shape is going to be totally different. More like the original Nike Free of Footscape products.

Most lasts are not based on feet, they are based on traditional forms from over one hundred years ago. Trace the bottom of a few of your shoes, and trace the bottom of your foot. Completely different. In general, the more a shoe is shaped like your foot, and the more flexible it is, the more your foot can work naturally… it makes sense. Also, people tend to like those shoes less because, well, feet are ugly, and the natural foot shapes are less graceful and sleek than the idealized lasts we have become accustomed to looking at. A beautiful dress shoe is like a Ferrari, while the foot that jams into it is more like an Aztec.

Lifestyle companies make new lasts all the time, several for every season typically depending on trend. Performance companies rarely make a new last because of all the testing it requires to prove it out, and their consumers tend to go to them for a certain fit. NB, Nike, Adi all tend to have ‘typical’ fits. Everyone’s foot is different, so a good fit is a very personal thing, and it is impossible to completely separate out perception vs reality since fit is qualitative, not quantitative.

This is some valuable knowledge. I begin to see the fault of getting things good for everything.

Lifestyle shoes change every year and new last is needed, so I think it will be base on the style.
I thought originally the lasts will be mostly the (Performance) last, but I forget lifestyle product will not focus that much on performance. Anyway my generalization of the industry is not a very good habit.

I should be more humble and ask more. Thanks again for answering my questions.

BTW I just come back from Singapore. A trip without socks. Just sandals, shorts and a lot of eating.