My first rendering Class

Well, I just finished up a class in rendering techniques that covered everything from quick sketching to marker to photoshop, in 10 weeks.
Just had the chance to scan them in to archive, and thought I might as well join the fun :slight_smile: I’ll try to put them in relative order…

5 min. sketch ^

tape dispenser. I’m used to a bigger sketch area, so 8.5 x 11 was close quarters ^

a first attempt with marker paper. I tired covering up my mistakes, but just ended up cluttering the page. This was kind of a tongue-in-cheek response to all the carbon-fiber-is-god car mentality in my class…^

the drill was done with marker/pastel/prismacolor, text with illustrator. The text I had done with pastel and marker was horrible. I’ll spare you the agony. ^

The idea was to simulate colored Canson Paper in Photoshop. I used Illustrator to try and clean up some lines from a line drawing of missles I pulled off the internet ^

Any critique is welcome, I’m just getting serious about sketching daily, so your input is valuable!! Great stuff coming off this site!

thats great, cool to see how you’ve progressed.

how much did that class set you back? (or is it built into some curriculum?)

I want a carbon fiber toilet :slight_smile:

While carbon fiber would definitely add some hotness to a typical toilet bowl, the increased mechanical properties of stiffness and lightness would probably take a back seat innovation wise to whatever super slick coating you put inside so that the doo-doo doesn’t stick to the inner walls of the bowl.

imho, alarm clock sketch = terrible, power-tool thing = much better

also, today=long

They already have carbon fiber toilet bowls:

I know Wally uses all carbon fiber on their yachts as well. I imagine the resin has a pretty decent resistance to clingons as long as its smooth enough.

man i think everybody must render that drill at some point in their id education . I f**kig hated it felt like i was a kid with a colouring book looks good tho …wonder if i can find my version to compare

Thanks cyber, for the link to the real deal carbon fiber toilet. I wish I had found that when finishing up the sketch.

Post it up! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

The class is part of my lovely $30,000/year cirriculum here at SCAD,
but I can’t complain, as long as I keep the scholarship it’s not so bad.

10 weeks eh? are you at an art institute?
im at aiph and i know how difficult it is to do stuff in 10 weeks, but it looks good!
best of luck