My first real sketch w/Photoshop Layers

I sketched the car in my Bio Foundations class (quick 5 minutes) and I thought the idea was a good one. Nothing too special as you can see, still learning my way around designing and the use of photoshop. Comments? Ideas? Rants?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, y does it have a spaceship on the roof?

it is just a sketch, not a final and is learning. this is a great first step by posting it to get some crit.


couple things to maybe start with.

line quality- right now it is a bit scratchy I wouldnt mind this type of brush work on a hummer sketch or something more rugged but here it seems to distract from what you are trying to communicate. also there isnt very much difference in lines weights to give the sketch some depth. adding different weights will help. (in photoshop you can clean up any of the “scratchy” brush work and make it more smooth- if this is what you need)

shadows-before jumping to shadows and even maybe photoshop/comp might be helpful to work on the form and some of the details. the container on the roof or rimz. right now the all white rimz are distracting from the sketch as well is the flat outlined like shadows. this is not helping the sketch. maybe just cleaning up the line work and adding some pops of black in there with a sharping in your sketch or in photoshop think will make it pop a lil off the page.

keep sketching and posting.

for photoshop/ tutorials: Skinny and Yo did some great ones will try and find the links. They can shed some light as can others on some tricks with the programs…



You know, it really isn’t about the computer skill that makes a sketch successful. I always tell people to not touch the computer until they have a solid foundation on their line work and understanding of form with values.

Well thanks for the comments. Like I said, I am all new to this and what to expect out of it. I converted the scanned image via Illustrator and then converted it to Live Paint, so that is why the lines are very rough. I’ve read over the tutorials but haven’t worked with them yet.

I 100% agree with you on the wheels (or lack of). I posted a question in the transportation forum regarding how to choose wheels in a certain design but no luck, which is understandable.

Again thanks for the comments, even the harsh ones. :sunglasses:

In regards to the spaceship question, it’s a surfboard…