My first portfolio!

Hey Core77,

As a sophomore who just finished his first non-foundations quarter at UC, This is my first attempt at creating a portfolio to showcase my efforts for potential co op jobs. Any feedback would be great!


I understand that this portfolio technically shows your ID work for the past 3 months (Since you only have 1 quarter of actual ID under your belt) So I’ll keep that in mind when critiquing, but I want to push you to put out the best work possible.

First off, is a bit awkward. Use or just upload it to the school server (daapspace) and post a link to the pdf. Will makes things a little less complicated as I can’t see your portfolio in full screen right now. Also it converts your text to raster which makes it look grainy. Example your resume is unreadable right now.

On to your projects.

Bowling Ball Box.
Sketches, these need to be tightened up. 7 sketches can be a good amount, but these are more like thumbnails right now, and im left wanting a lot more. The page should be filled: Right now those 7 sketches are struggling to make an impact and the page feels bare because of it. Also I cant read your call outs on your sketches. Not sure if this is on purpose or you just didn’t want me to read them and did a poor job of cleaning them up.

Take some time and clean them up. Letter cleanly, or come back in an use photoshop to write your notes. Also make your sketches a bit more dynamic. A couple of technical sketches would be awesome. Printed Dresses and Shoes - IdSketching Draw how your tabs work. This box uses no glue, but you don’t highlight how its held together.

Sketch over some other boxes to help get your perspective down, it’ll save you time constructing your basic forms and let you explore options a bit more.

Also give the sketches a bit of size differences to give them a bit of hierarchy. More important sketches should be bigger and more pronounced. Lead my eye around. Right now everything has the same impact and the page feels flat because of it. Printed Dresses and Shoes - IdSketching

These principles can be taken to all your projects. And it will help the projects pop a bit more

I also would love to see a bit more Depth to your projects. It feels like its sketches, money shot. And that’s its.

Try and blow one project out. The soap project would be a good one to do this too. Start with a target user, make a persona, make a mood board, initial sketches, refinement on sketches and physical model. And then finally money shot. This will go a lot further with employees as all your projects right now show very similar skills. Throwing in a bit of research will help show a bit more of your thinking process.

I’ll keep adding to this, as im out of time for today. Its a good start for only having 3 months of ID. Tough to soak up ID sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, model making, material and process and all that jazz in such little time. In due time everything will start becoming a bit more clear. Keep it up, and keep checking core and coroflot and analyze what others are doing.