My First Portfolio


I’m bumping this as I am needing some advice. Over a year on from graduating and I’m still trying to bag the infamous design job. I am lucky in that I get interviews but never the job! So I’m guessing its my folio. I recently had an interview at Dyson and was told I dident have enough engineering/technical skills, so I guess I need to add more detail on that.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on what to add, make better etc etc?

Hey there

You have some very nice work, very clean and easy to navigate.

I would however add a short page about yourself explaining who you are and your experience etc.

Also I would think about rearranging your work, remember that when someone looks at your portfolio they are likely to remeber your first piece of work and your last so make sure your strongest pieces are at the front and back.

Hero shots maybe start your individual projects with a full page hero shot, this will give consistency and allow quick browsing of individual projects.

Looking good.


Hi Chris

Thanks for the feedback, thats a good point about some information about myself, and i’ll change the order of projects to.

Anyone else have any comments?