My first portfolio

Greetings everyone;
Just a little biography to set the mood. Im currently in my third year of my Industrial Design Bachelor Degree and as a requirement I have to get a Co-op this coming summer. So I had to make a portfolio for my portfolio class.

So here it is, its compiled of works over the past few years, Its not really targeted at any particular design field. Though Im interested in transportation and shoe design but right now I just want to get some work experience.

I kept it pretty simple in order to easily add in new projects and not over shadow the work. Though I fear it may be too simple.

Anyways; what do you all think.


spell check!!!

whoops, I thought I caught my mistakes the first few times I went over it. I probably should slow down and read what I put down and not what i think/meant to put down.

Thanks, for that. Ive started to fix it up.

Again thanks for the extra set of eyes.

man, you got a lot of spelling issues in your “boards”.
You have to change all your presentation pictures.

English is obviously not your first language, no shame in that, it’s not my first ether.
Let a native English speaker proof read your stuff!
Because your designs can be awesome, but if there are silly mistakes, it messes everything up!