My first photoshop rendering, C&C please!

Hey everybody,

This would be my first photoshop rendering. I used this tutorial: Painting a Car Digitally III.I by husseindesign on DeviantArt

I would love feedback!


Pretty good for your first go. The issues with perspective are hurting the rendering overall. The degree of your ellipses for the front and rear wheel should not be the same. Here’s a draw over in Illustrator showing what your front wheel should look like. Also the wheel base is pretty long, ends up being nearly 4 wheels long, which is longer than most minivans! This makes the car look like a stretched station wagon, when it looks like you where going for a sport car instead.

I’d suggest going back, work on get the perspective right first, then bring in PS to give the wow effect. Even the best PS rendering skills will still look off if the perspective of the object is off.

Thanks! I’ll work on that. I’ve always had trouble with wheels.