My first photoshop class

So far its been 6 weeks.
i feel like improved alot during these weeks :"]

first week it took me approximately 22hours to finish 1 rendering, from start to finish.

however, now i can do it in less than 5 hours.

week 1’s assignment: Do 2 different Master Copies
100% brush tool

Im sure you all recognize whos work this is, Daniel Simon.
This one took a whopping 22hours to complete.
And it being my first real photoshop attempt, i had absolutely no idea how to go about using photoshop.
So it was a huge challenge for me.

i was rather pleased with the results, but it took a huge amount of time to do and also i didnt like the cops eyes, i feel like i messed up on it compared to the original.
Other than that, i liked it.

I don’t get it, is that your version of the original? Why don’t you post the original and yours next to it?

Good work, where are you taking this PS class?

I guess I would say, Outstanding, especially for a new user, but I am still a little confused about what it is you are doing / the assignment is.

Are you painting with originals as reference? Using originals to create paths etc. then paiting??? more info

again looks AWESOME…want clarity

The assignment was to choose 2 professional designer’s work and to emulate his work and style using photoshop.

I chose daniel simon, and the gta art.
While daniel simon was clean, crisp, and photorealistic
Gta4 art felt more loose and painterly.

It was your choice as to how to go about emulating someone elses work.
(of course you couldnt copy paste or use the clone stamp tool, though)
Since it was the first assignment, i think he assigned this hw just to see where everyones skill level and understanding of photoshop was.

I didnt use any paths for both pieces, both of them were strictly brush tools.
I only used the path tool once, at the very beginning to capture the silhouette of the entirety.

Il update the 1st assignment with the original and mc side-by-side later today

I feel like i improve every week, and it probably due to the competition in this class.
Everyone is amazingly good! lots of pressure, but good pressure :]