My first foray into Footwear Design - Hybrid Walking Boot

My first attempt at tackling some footwear design, basically I wanted to do a project linked to my dissertation that design as a subject is one, the skills learnt from any design education can be used across a broad range of design problems.

The project was a very short 3 weeks, and to be honest its probably the hardest i’ve worked on a project.

So, the idea based behind the project is that i wanted to create a ‘functional fashion’ item, something which is designed for performance.

I chose to look into designing a two part approach shoe with an add on ankle support to make it into more of a walking boot.

There is a full work in progress which i am still rather lazily updating at

Here are the final boards that I handed in, I also handed in a process book which documented all the research and sketch development, i also made a semi functional model as well (which i really enjoyed doing)

The best thing about the project is that its something i’ve never done before and its opened up a whole new skill set to me. sure i dont know when ill ever need to use a sewing machine or form and tan leather but at least i know i could if i wanted to!

Layout is not my strong suit, but i’m working on it.

Any crit you guys can give is always welcome, love to hear any suggestions that you guys have who are in the industry.

also, recently ive got a wacom tablet and was trying to use it a little for this project, i struggled slightly on sketchbook pro and managed to get one render looking quite nice, it was a fluke though as i couldn’t make any other ones i tried look anything near as good!

If anyone has any tips with regards to how they would go about doing it i have uploaded the .PSD and you guys can have a go and post it up here, might be a nice idea. Here is my attempt:

And heres the .PSD -

Not sure I really get the concept. How does attaching the top part add any support if it’s only connected with the toggle, or looks like there is some sort of zipper?

Got any more clearer pics of the final product? process sketches?

What’s the construction like around the throat? Hard to see where the seams or openings are and if it’s waterproof, etc.

I like the overall aesthetic though. Kinda Nike Footscape meets boot, very post modern and sort of deconstructed, almost.

For a render, I’d start with orthographic views as they would give the most info. Lateral, medial, toe down, outsole, etc.