My first coffee table

Just looking for feed back and opinions on a design concept that i have sketched up as part of a set for my living room.

This would be the coffee table in the set, note that this is still in the concept phase and there are obvious hardware details that need to be worked out. As this is the first piece of furniture i have attempted to design feel free to point out flaws or concerns.

Chevis W.

Maybe you could tell us what you’re going for with the line.

Right now it’s a little bit of file cabinet mashed up with a coffee table. Is there something specific to store? Is the top wood? What are the other pieces? regular desk? Are you going to built the stuff yourself?


You are exactly right about the mash up. I am looking for something that will act as "storage " in the living room to house the numerous children books various magazines, wireless keyboard for the entertainment center, sketch tablet and other items that don’t seem to have a proper home… The top would be wood and this is something that i would build my self along with end tables and a entertainment center…


I guess if it was me, I’d look more closely at what was going in it and see if the table could get even more personalized. Could there a specific keyboard slot or cubby? Children’s books…can one end be a toddler height “reading library-area” with Dr. Seuss and Wallpaper living side by side? The drawers feel a little anonymous.

The bent metal “U” leg might be a little thick, same with the bent sheet that wraps under the current drawer area.

I’m with you on storage, I’ve sketched so many un built coffee tables over the years it is not funny!

I think feel is so important, in all things, but especially furniture and interiors. Right now this feels more like a short desk than a coffee table. I’d recommend playing with the proportions further, maybe set the drawers in ? Or have them side by side with shorter legs coming out from the bottom?

It might be a light hearted take if you played up the way it looks like a desk - make the proportions appear like you squashed a full size desk. Like have three drawers but squashed and a changing profile on the swept legs (from square to thin ribbon)