My First Blue Foam Model

This a project we did in class today, yes we did it in only one class in a team of 3, before that we had to some up with 27 concepts (9 each) of chairs for kids that can be sold in an IKEA superstore. This said we had to keep it easy to assemble and keep it out of any local theme so it could be marketed worldwide. We came this morning to our class and we had to bring down our ideas from 27 to 9, our teacher then came and chose one that he liked keeping in mind that it should be possible to make it out of blue foam.

We had 5 hours to make this prototype and also I just want to state it was the first time that we used blue foam. We had to do with what we knew and what the teacher explained to us in a 10 min quick “don’t do this or you’ll get hurt” and “do this like this”. I must admit that theres was nothing much to say about it except for how to use rubber cement glue which some people didn’t know how it worked… those who never used it. We had the idea of making it of a panda shape to keep it universal. Some were temped to make a Canadian beaver… but he he…

Here are some pictures starting from T-3hrs. Legs were roughly cut and ears were still to be fitted in. Nothing glued together yet.

My teammate in action!

Me, all enthusiastic about how the chair is coming up. On the left, our “entertaining-supervisor-teammate”

Me again sanding the nose after finishing the eyes to give it that softy roundish look.

Once again sanding… obsessed with round corners, no, i just found it emphasized the panda theme.

We decided to make the bottom corners round, again to stay in the main idea. I was working on the legs which you can’t see!

Everything ready to be assembled, or almost… I came running with the sanding paper to do touch-ups…

The end result! (**** For those who will say that it’s not comfortable to sit on, pretend that the extruded parts are padded cushions****)

The end result again with our ,now, “model-supervisor-teammate”.

And by the way, any comments are welcome!

Looks like it was a great learning exercise.

Just a little personal tip - invest in some face masks or have a few people chip in for some decent respirators. Your lungs are a pretty big investment, no point in clogging them up with blue foam dust. :open_mouth:

True, safety first. I must say there was those huge vacuums to keep the air dust free, but still dust is dust! I will report this to our teacher. Thanks allot!