My finished portfolio

Hi guys,
I just finished my first portfolio… I hope you like it. Please give me some feedback…


I like how you have lots of pictures showing the product in context. I really like your light model, it looks very well made. I just wished there were more sketches of different concepts that you may have explored during the process. You could also try using levels to get rid of the blue in the background of them too. Maybe it is just me, but it feels weird having to move my eyes back and forth between the key and the items.

Thank you, for your comments… I kind of like the blue in the sketches, gives them a little roughness : )

I did’nt notice the thing about the key and the photos… but you are right, its a little constraining. I did it like this, to make the layout simpler.

Anyways… thanks… glad you like my lamp :slight_smile:

I noticed a few spelling mistakes so you might want to run a spell check over it.

Also i would recommend you adjust the levels of your scanned sketches in photoshop.

A note on the guitar project, it looks incredibly uncomfortable and awkward to play.

Light is the probably the strongest but bigger pictures of your model. It looks like a nice model but i struggeled trying to understand the whole form.

Thanks for your honesty. I concidered the problem with the light, I think Ill put in a view of it mounted on the ceiling, that should do it.

By adjusting levels in photoshop, you mean convert the blue into grey ? (on all sketches ? )

No, i mean that most of your sketches have a yellowy tint in the background- this happens when you scan an image. To remove this yellow tint from the background you need to adjust the levels in photoshop.

Too understand levels more, there is a really good sketching tutorial by YO (25min photoshop one) which will show you level adjustment

Thanks, I corrected some spelling mistakes, and put some new photos into the lamp project to show the whole form.
But the yellowy tint, that you mentioned… I simply couldnt see that on my screen… what is YO ? - Where is the tuturial at ?


i like that you put the logos of the programs you are familiar with instead of just listing them.

Thanks… something I learned from my mate : )


Maybe squeeze a few more sketches on the sketch pages? I like the layout, nice and clean and understandable. I’d also maybe have the program logos in colour, i think with the black and white they get a bit lost.