My Favorite Car Ad

I think they ran this during the 1984 Superbowl and overshadowed by the Apple ad. I also heard (I don’t know if it is true) that it was pulled because it promoted unsafe driving.

This generation of Z was not sold until 1990.

Just the same, pretty cool ad. I think a lot of car companies could stand to take the approach of that ad, aiming straight for a target market by playing up very specific features. It seems like most car ads I can think of off the top of my head try to make their cars seem right for everybody, or they try to make it seem as though their cars are something they aren’t (Mazda’s “heart of a sports car”/zoom-zoom campaign comes to mind).

It seems like most car ads … try to make it seem as though their cars are something they aren’t

Interesting observation.

Back in the late seventies, I think it was … Volvo was chastised, in the media, for a print ad they ran depicting one of their cars driving over the top of another one.

The reason for the outrage was that it was learned that the vehicle was reiniforced to assure that the car on top would support the weight; and hence Volvo wasn’t being honest about their product’s abilities. Volvo responded that the car was reinforced to endure multiple camera shots, not in order to support the weight of the car as depicted.

A far cry from any ad we’ve seen lately; Jeeps climbing vertical walls, VW’s destroying the crash sled slamming into them, SAAB fighter aircraft morphing into cars . … … .

My fav (I’m sure most people have seen this):

I remember an excellent Volvo advert my father keeps around. It was advertising some generation of their turbocharged R cars (or whatever the high-performance station wagons were called).

A jet-black, glossy model of that car, with black-tinted windows, was sitting on the tarmac next to a jet-black, glossy Lamborghini Countach. Which was pulling a jet-black, glossy box trailer.

The caption was something along the lines of “You decide.”