my design sucks

name your stupidest projects here:

  1. cubicle bell (so co-workers can come to your desk and ring your bell vs. standing there)

TV blindfold, you put it on when the programme sucks

Sold as a pair with the radio earplugs.

a mouse and keyboard you can turn off so you can easily avoid placing stupid posts

every product I have had to design because some marketing knob said it would be the “best thing since sliced bread”!

“jump to conclusion” mat.

this was 10 years ago in school, but it was a regular cell phone w/ a shoulder support arm - for hands free talking. Get it? it was sooooo bad. Picture a phone with an upside down Y sticking out the back of it. oooohhhhohohho da harwah

a football bat.

What about a energy saving ‘’ solar torchlight ‘’ ? generate energy from solar when you need a torchlight.

Probably the worst thing I ever designed, did it in a morning. I was a year out of school, the firm I worked at got this project… Had to keep the lights on! Sent the renderings to Asia, didn’t get to redline any tooling drawings, saw it on the shelf at Target like 8 months later… the shame.

i didn’t do the logo BTW

Yo, what is it? A retractable whip?

this should help:


A few pieces of furniture from my first couple of weeks on the job just after I graduated. Looked great on paper/CAD, but in person they were awful! Learned a lot from that experience…

the thing I did for a class where we had to come up with a timing device that was alternatively powered…Mine was a tea brewing timer that used incense sticks, marbles and was made out of porcelain…at least it worked. It allowed you to measure time relatively accurately for what it was…+/- 2 minutes, but was so f-ing ridiculous looking…

I actually do have a lot of projects that make me cringe…awww.

Is there any decent & honest designers in infomercials?
Because they suck!!!