My Design Sojourn...

Hello all,

Took me a while, buti have finally gotten a round to set up my own personal website to document my design sojourn. I wanted a clean and simple interface, so i can highlight the most important thing the work.

My main idea was to make it very much like the way a child’s story book goes. Big bright pictures, and very little text. Sort of giving the viewer a little surprise, as he navigates thru the site.

I also went with non-of the flash nonsense. At the end of the day I’m a product designers not a website designer. (The real reson is i suck at web programming! :wink:)

Please have a look and let me know what you think so far? Its not complete as i have 5 pieces of my work up, but i will be slowly be updating the rest soon.

Thanks and here is the link:


Nice clean site_ for some reason the pdf did not download for me, Looks like you have done some great design, would love to see some process.

Hi Yo,

Thanks for the comments. I’ll check on the pdf. Perhaps the file is too big or its corrupted…thanks for the red flag.

Yes i agree about the process bits. But if you look closely there is a process there, but taken in large chapter summaries. For example, Inspiration/Sketch/2D etc. This is because I was involved in and managed the entire product development process from start to end.

Also what i wanted to do was keep it simple, so each project actually focused on a few main aspects. A final sucessful product, or detailed CAD model, or concept Model etc. At the end of the day i did not want to bog viewers down on many project showing start to finish (personally i get bored) as well as showing some skills from both up and down the product development process.

My next updates will be actually focused what i think is closer to what you are suggesting on process. Where by concept options shown, then reduced to the winning concept. It will focus on sketch with less on 3D or Final product.

Thanks again on the feedback, i appreciate it.

Hi all,

I spent a few hours last night reorganising the layout and structure my website, based on your advice and feedback.

No new stuff yet, but with the new structure you get to jump right into the meat of things.

The next stage is putting up new work!