My DataHunter (a 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Toy)

hi there, i think this might be the right place for me to get some help :slight_smile:

Watch the pictures and guess who will pitch into your files.
my DataHunter (a 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Toy):

more about him on:

This is my tiny DataHunter. His obsession is your daily data and
he loves to suck into your files. Some nights he gorges himself with all
your best stuff and the all other time he sleeps like a log in his
soft and fluffy sleeping-dress. Even he wakes up,
most the time he’s terribly tired and hanging arround
without doing anything: he’s a really lazy datahunter,
but always in good faith

Any suggestions for a name and maybe ideas for packaging/graphics?
…i’m pretty damn stuck :frowning:

The idea was to give my own flash-drive a little more
cute&funny shell. I started to sculpting a prototype with super sculpey.
With the finished three parts (head/body/stomach), i made my own
casting mold for some replicas. At the time i try out different color shemes
and search for a 2K paint with a good abrasion resistance on PU plastic

  • maybe someone has experience with this?
    (this black/white sheme with a red tongue is my fav at the moment).

This is just a first prototype, i’m about to make a small limited series
of this guy. All by hand…a lot of work is to do! Sadly i dont have a stock
and the connections for a injection die moulding…so i’m always open minded
for suport :wink:

…but at least all my friends want to feed one, so i have to make some more


  • toy design by Stefan Hiller (me)
  • fluffy dress* by Sara Bosshard
    *(yes, he get’s a sweet handsewed sleepingbag, see soon on our lab… ) :smiley: