My D.Wade redesigned after the feebacks

Thanks for the feedbacks and the comments, i really appreciated and it pleased me to see that you guys like my design. After Yo feedbacks on the height of the heel and the top of the eyestay i went on and work on those details. I changed the design a little bit,for the stripes i just ended putting them on the lateral side.


I might work on that design a little bit more because i just realise that there is more to work on ( sketch the sole, the back, the tongue…)

Good job incorporating the feedback.

I did really like the mesh tongue you had in the old version though. This is much more functional, but also maybe a little too production ready! Maybe split the difference?

This rendering is clear and clean, you have comunicated the design very well.

Would love to see more views.

Are you a student? Profesional?

Thanks Yo for your feedbacks, it helped me a lot understanding my mistakes. I am a student first term at Art Center college of Design in California, but before that i was going to the art institute of philadelphia. I will have to do more sketches for this new one because i just did it today, also add different views and post it maybe this weekend.



graphically I think your designs are strong. But think there are issues with performance. I think you can tell a performance story and allowing that to be the graphic and communicate. Right now I look at the shoe and it is confusing. I am not sure what it is supposed to do or how it functions. it seems to have a heel focus because more of your cuts are in that area, but am wondering why they are there? why that size and why are there 4 cuts? why not 6 or 3? meaning there could be a performance story behind these cuts, if in the heel maybe to expose the internal construction, heel counter, bootie, and acting as ventilation as well. I would look at positioning of these cuts, and look at type of style game wade has. seems he is a speed player more on his toes and forefoot. so what would these cuts look like across the fore foot? then tell functional story of weakening material in forefoot so more flexible, an could have mesh under cuts or cuts could be laser at different thickness so is as if it was slashed leather so at initial strike of a sword cut is deep but then as it pulls away its less deep…dunno but could have story to it. an cuts ties into slashing and cuts how he plays.

right now you have all hidden lace loops, I think for a better fit could have an eyelet at the collar. also could use this detail tell story.

what are the black curved lines on toe?

your upper material (white) perfed out all over, this could be re-looked at, and determine where perfs are best and how many, perfs can be a detail that can be performance and help communicate your story.

use of logo, right now seems like was placed on last. I think could be re thought out the logo placement. Something to think about is that wade is bringing back the brand as a performance company. so might be something to look at is branding, you might want it to be more predominant, so when on tv or wearing it it has clear branding.

would be interested in seeing other views and more exploration sketches. mentioned earlier to tie it back to wade and more performance story, was thinking I know you cant meet him and talk with him now, but there is youtube and possibly see some of his moves and watch in slow motion etc, and maybe through that you might get some ideas.

be well



but also maybe a little too production ready! Maybe split the difference?

i’m a little confused. is this a bad/good thing? what does it mean to say “too production ready”?
btw: i love this final design even better than the first one but i wish you could’ve kept the piece at the heel. absolute fire!

That’s some good feebacks!! Thanks for that dygitalvision. I will think about it and bring more functional elements into this design. I will make some researches about D.Wade (life, scorings, style) and put some of what i find interesting about him. Also Next time i will try to communicate my design better (story and part of the design).

Again good feedbacks, that will help me bring something fresh!!

Temporarily disregarding the technical aspects of the shoe, from a purely aesthetic vantage point, I feel that the shoe went from exciting to milk toast… it looks like its been done before, whereas your initial design looked fresh. I’d really like to see some different views though, may change my opinion on the new design. Nice work, none the less, keep it up.