My CV/Resume

I’m looking for some honest, critical feedback for my CV. Getting ready to send stuff off for placements and was wondering what you guys would think if this landed on your desk…

It’s A4, double-sided.

Side 1

Side 2

I have to say Im a fan, I like the use of one other color besides the black and the way you have set the headings, actually very similiary to my own resume. I also like the amount of open space you have taking up the left side of the page, you dont really have any experience and you arent trying to fill the page with crap. you just let us know what youve done and what you want to do.

I don’t think it is important to list your bball exp unless you intend to work with an athletic apparel designer or manufacturer.

Hey Carton, thanks for the reply. The reason I decided to put the basketball stuff is mainly just because being a basketball footwear designer would be my dream job! And a lot of the placements I’m applying for our sport companies.

One thing I’m unsure about with my CV is is it to simple? Does it need more images? Looking around in class the trend seems to be binding a small little booklet, or folding to create a leaflet. What do you guys think of this?
Everyone I’ve spoke to so far that isn’t a student has said simple is best, and as for me personally I want my work to impress, not how I’ve created a little book.
But then I worry will people see mine as too simple when everyones making these books. I guess there is no right answer though…

I’m a fan, you’ve done a good job. It’s not too simple at all, I think you’ve got a really nice balance to be honest, you’ve added a little creativity with your layout and graphics but you also haven’t altered the ‘norm’ too much. And your sketches look great. If you added more I think you’d ruin it and also leave very little to be further impressed by when you are actually invited for interviews. You don’t want to spoil people with your tasty visuals.

Only thing I can say is that the images, even though I can just about make out they’re segmented, aren’t segmented enough, there is so much white space in some of the groups that it might look a tiny bit messy if you don’t take the time to look at it and realise. Maybe a very thin line around each group? Or arrange in such a way that the dark levels in the sketches create the border.

But nice work man, seriously keen, and for a 2nd year it’s even more impressive… makes me want to see more of your stuff.

some very nice sketches on there.

I my self went through what you will be going through last year, and am on placement myself.

And im based in the uk

What i will say is this, definately compile a bigger portfolio of stuff if u have any, i myself didnt have a comprehesive good enough portfolio probably until january. Also there is no CAD in there and apart from the shoe i didnt know what the other projects actually were.

Alot of companies i found require more than 2 sheets of a4 and espically now im working with the md of my company to sift through cv’s comming in you will find that majority are a nice compresive booklet of showing different aspects of design. I myself love sketching and the styling process but as im finding now in industry you need to have a broard skills and this is what you will need to show in your portoflio.

That all said you have good sketches, better than most i’ve seen come through our door, what i would say is supplement it more with other skills, development process on products, i.e where did u get the styling impetus for the shoe, what is the box thing project at the bottom, i din’t know that was a kettle in the middle till i read the fine print etc… include well taken photos of any made, if possible get them professionaly photographed. dont know about nortumbria but ours has a studio above it where there are pro photographers who for a very small and 30min of their time will take top notch photos for you.

Md’s are busy people and they are giving you the favour of working for them, most wont bother requesting to see more, its a case of shwoing all
your cards upfront.

Also your applying very early, i’ve only been in mine for 3 months now and most dont start work till late july \august, so dont be surprised if you dont hear anything back. Furthermore your uni should have good links with industry and 9\10 times they will request for a big batch from the uni to choose from.

That all said keep it up m8 2nd year is a nightmare juggling projects and placements! best of luck to you

Hey Feltzar. Thanks for the feedback. Just clearing thing up, this is just a teaser, not just my portfolio. My portfolio contains a lot of the stuff you mentioned, models, further explanations etc. I wanted to keep this as more of a, ‘hey, if you like what you see, then there’s more where that came from sort of thing’ lol. But I’m worried whether I’ve shown enough, and I imagine if I decide to put more in it might be in a small book form, or maybe a similar page with images like that above. But I’m still undecided.

As for applying early, Northumbria do a placement program where you go off in March in your 2nd and 3rd year and do a 3month+ placement. But your right, even for March I’m still early, nothing wrong with being prepared though I guess.

Thanks for the feedback. Oh and ‘the box thing’ is a computer, was a sketching project in my first year designing around internal components etc.

overall, very nice and clean design, better than most i see. nice identity with the ink splash and balance between design/aesthetic appeal and ease of use.

a few points-

  1. i’d agree that two pages is better than double sided. a lot of people may miss the backside, and makes photocopying easier. also might have some issues with the backside images showing through/ghosting on the front making it hard to read the front info if copied.

  2. you should hang your bullet points. Five simple steps to better typography - Part 2 - Mark Boulton

  3. having your content tet on such short lines makes it a little hard to read, especialy left aligned with ragged text on the right. consider having a wider text column, or reducing the font size so you can fit more words/chartacters per line.

  4. your text about “me” reads a little informal to me. same with skills text.

  5. got anything more to add to the experience? doesnt look like much design exp. any internships, freelance projects, etc? you’ve got some good looking skills…

  6. in light of not having much design experience, maybe break down your skills more and get into more details about your design process. from research to sketch to modelling, etc.

  7. suggest to break your telephone number into bits. ie. +44 79 36 71 55 05 easier to read and dial.

  8. add a link to your coroflot or other online portfolio would be good.

  9. what is “term time” above your address mean? never heard this before. im guessing its your temporary address while at school?

  10. images side of the page looks great. nice range of projects and sketch and render work. works for me as a good teaser and would make me want to see more. only thing to comment on is the second row of images doesnt really show anything. could maybe replace with something else. everything else on the page is really strong.

keep up the good stuff and best of luck on the internship.


rkuchinsky - Thanks for the feedback.

  1. you should hang your bullet points.

Bullet points in PS are such a pain! They never do what I want them to. But I see what you mean. I’ll get onto it.

  1. got anything more to add to the experience?

Unfortunately not, gotta start somewhere. As soon as I get some design exp washing dishes is straight off of there! lol. Though we did have one live project towards the end of last year another in the next couple of weeks, I can put this on there.

  1. what is “term time” above your address mean?

Yeh, just my address while at school. Guess it’s more common over here to call it ‘term’ instead of ‘semester’.

Got a question about paper. What weight do you guys tend to use?

you are doing your CV in PS? you should you use illustrator at least or indesign, to have more control. also going with illustrator/indesign you can make better PDFs and smaller files.

as for paper, it really depends on how you are printing it. i like to go for something as heavy as possible like coverstock, that will also help your CV stand out amongst the heaps of regular paper stuff.


Sounds all good mate, and yeah i put a term time address on mine, much more of a uk thing.

All i would say is that dont wait for a response to your teaser, send ure teaser and then send the whole lot shortly after.