My corofolio, interaction and industrial design

I’ve managed to finish my coreflot site.

Please check it out, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, i’m looking for internships within the uk or europe for industrial/interaction design. Should I be including other things?

you got some nice stuff on there, you might want to expand your profile page a bit.

I had a look at your blog, sounds like your up against it at the moment, shame you didn’t get that job at the beeb, I wonder why, just give the guy you had an interview with a call…they always seem to be busy so you got to be quite pro active…which dept was it for?

I think your just missing a bit of work experience on your CV, its a bit of a viscous circle at the start…you need work experience to get some work experience…maybe look to get a placement/intership somewhere for a few weeks just to start the ball rolling.

Right, I’ve been re-doing my PDF portfolio for the new season - 2009/2010

I’ve put it up at

What do you guys Reckon? It’s only in Issuu because its a good way to present PDF’s to peeps, some people have complained about it before.

Its a mixture of a portfolio as I pretty much enjoy every aspect of design, I graduated in Product but have since moved into Digital and Interaction Design, I’m currently looking for an entry level digital design/interaction post somewhere. Check out my blog at or follow me on twitter at