My coroflot portfolio

Hi. My name is Marcus. I’m an industrial designer from Stockholm, Sweden. Please take a look at my coroflot portfolio Some nice criticism and comments are welcome. Best regards from Scandinavia :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

I’ve got a bit of a stream of consciousness review for you here. I appreciate that English is not your first language, but you should get someone to proofread all your text on your coroflot and your scapecon website.
These are my thoughts browsing through your portfolio:

car sketch is nice - lose the girl silhouette though
NO LENS FLARE (especially your planet drawing)
car sketches are nice but could be better - there are some great examples on this site and on coroflot
cross country bike render is in isometric - looks weird! make sure you check the ‘perspective’ button!

camera blueprint is not correct projection and doesn’t show that much
digital camera photoshop reflection is weird - just take a pic of it on a mirror?

your website - scapecon. Read a whole bunch of smashing magazine articles, then fix it up. it’s quite difficult to read, and your links are a little odd. It doesn’t need much work to fix it, just some basic things.

overall your folio is nice, but it feels like an abstract collection of images, not a cohesive portfolio showing what marc lundquist is all about.

also, your 300ZX model is great!