My Coroflot Portfolio

In general its good. Depending on what kind of job you’re going for, employers will want to see more sketching i think. So they can see your thought process. CAD renders are good for final presentation, but they don’t show how you got to that point.

First thing that caught my eye, never use yourself as a model.

I would challenge you to really tie in all your “slides” or images for your projects (i.e Cordless Drill) , tell a story…

Also, try and think of both form and function. Remember, Industrial Design is about problem solving, not just pretty pictures.

Throughout all your projects, ask yourself "What problems am I solving? Really push yourself to come up with something “new”.

You definitely have some nice work in there…

If you still have your models, I would try to get some better quality photos. Take them in a place with natural sunlight and avoid using a flash (I’m thinking specifically of your drill photos.) You could also amp up a lot of the photos you already have by just cropping them to show only your product (you standing next to your project is not the greatest portfolio shot.) With the guitar, why not photoshop yourself onto a stage in front of a billion people to show it in context? Showing everything in context always helps a lot.

I agree that it would be great to get a constant ‘theme’ running through your slides. Make the font consistent and put the title in the same place on every slide. Try to think about how you would explain your projects to someone who had never ever seen them before, and then do that. Remember that people always read from top left to bottom right.

Hope this is helpful!