My Coroflot Portfolio - Comments?

Hey all, just wanted to get some feedback about my Coroflot portfolio.

Here are a few things that I already know;

  • Some of the final slides in my sets are difficult to read because of the saturated colors. This is being revised.

  • I don’t have much 3D modeling in there, because it’s not my specialty. I am, however, taking classes to improve my 3D modeling skillset.

  • The Amp Snowboard image is only a teaser. It represents my senior capstone, and more images are in the works.


Very nice work. (nice avatar too BTW)

I really don’t have much to say.

The few things I do have are small. The text blocks seem to dominate the full scale slides. The large type just feels weird to me, I would make that boc slimmer and lower the point size on the type.

On the Baracuda, the design makes a big jump from those early sketches to the rendering in terms of form, detailing and proportion. A sectch or two that lead up to that rendering and why it changed would be good (even if you have to do those sketches now)

I love the fact that the whole thing shows a bit about who you are. It is fun and memorable.

Cool, thanks yo.

I completely agree with you on the text size. It was a strange translation to digital from my paper hard-copy (paint chips, the descriptions were on the backside, so they didn’t interfere).

I might do a whole page of sketching about just the progression of the final power tool shape, instead of showing the multiple refined sketches.

I hear all kinds of things from people about this format…some say text is pointless, no one reads it, etc. Others say you need to show and explain process. I prefer to tell a story to get people interested, because everyone knows that ID isn’t always about pretty pictures. Thanks again for the feedback.

BTW, I saw that you also entered the VC toy competition. How did you feel about the outcome?

No prob. I also like a bit of text, just enough to cue people in if they actually read it. It’s great if your portfolio is in the round of selection to decide who to interview. Then it more often gets read. The more of that story you can distill visually the better though.

On the VC thing… Well, I guess the fact that I didn’t get in the finals makes me a little biased about the out come :frowning: I know, cry me a river… It was fun to enter though.