My Corfolio - Be extremely critical

Hey everyone,

Here is my Corfolio for you viewing pleasure. Please save any ‘looks cool’ comments and be as critical as you’d like. The more critical, the more I can improve.

In the next couple (or few) days my new custom portfolio website will be up, I’ll post that up for further critique. In the meantime, coroflot is all I have.

Thank you ahead of time for your reviews,
Taylor Welden

there are like a million slides on the backpack project. Id get rid a a few. Your scetches on that project are not very dynamic and a little flat, so you may concider theoughs for the axe. the car is good, if you have any engerring stuff on it, data or really cool exploded views they would be nice to see. Why is the meat tenderizor called the '707 tendorizor"? it sounds like a mixer (dj equipment) with a name like that. When I get to he ast slide in every show it just is the end, could you have it go back to the portfolio mainpage? the Baby mobile is a nice peice, I would make it the first or last thing people see (first probelly). hope this helps

As always, student portfolios must emphasize process, not solution.

In your case, I want to see the “why’s” behind your “whats.” Too much of your work focuses on the thing rather than the needs for the thing. In this world of commodity, that’s the kiss of death. Specifically, I want to see more emphasis on users and their needs, and design strategy.

I had to dig through your folio before I found pictures of users, and even then, I didn’t see them in contextual situations that showed opportunity areas with competitive offerings. Likewise, I saw style boards like “color choice”, but didn’t see the strategy behind it. What else was considered and why was this chosen?

Other than that, your skills look good.