My company's future venture (when the design is done)

Just thought I’d throw out some work from my company’s current/future project. I’m the only one working on things from a design standpoint. The HDRI render is only so-so (it was my first HDRI). I’m in the process of rendering another with a better chrome refelction map (it appears as white in the HDRI, though is clearly chrome in the solid models).

Here we see the side view showing motor and passenger perspective, with an arbitrary 24" wheel/tire combo… modeled and rendered (basic) in Autocad

Now we move on to see a bit of perspective as to how this all plays together… (Autocad)

Alright, well, it’s obvious there are some pieces there that aren’t seen in the side view… it’s the driveshaft and the differentials. Here is the fancy differential (Inventor… not rendered, just a screen grab)

So, we have the basic driveline done… time to move onto suspension. Here we see the a-arms being used. The one in copper is done so to show the three tabs that sit near the end. This is where the “dual pull-rods” connect (i made a fancy suspension I’ll explain if anyone wants to know… it’s a take off from le mans and F1 suspensions that uses two rods/cranks/shocks instead of 1). (again, Inventor, screen grab)

Here, the new perspective with the suspension pieces together… (Autocad)

Solid model of single end suspension/driveline (Inventor)

Added arbitrary driveshaft to show balance (Inventor)

So I then decided to play with HDRI in my renderer (Alias ImageStudio and Autodesk Showcase)… again, the render isn’t the best, but it works

General Idea

  • 350hp Hayabusa (Big Bore Kit, Forced Induction, etc)
  • All-wheel-drive
  • All-wheel-steering
  • Double pull-rod suspension
  • 40" total height (36" to top of driver’s head)

*** forgot to mention, I know there is a buncha bolts missing… here they are, haha

I’d also like to note that I have taken inspiration from Steve Graber and Dennis Palatov… I know the premise is basically the same, no need to further point that out :laughing: :wink: