My Chairly Table - 3D Skatch


I’m not into industrial design at all, I’m graphic designer by profession, but recently I’ve played with some ideas about making “chairly table” (chair and table in-one).

There are many things that need to be fixed, to work more on it, but just as an idea, what’s your oppinion?

Last one.

well, I don’t really see the scale of this. So you may add that to your consideration. It would add comfort to your design if you add a ‘waterfall’ to the front. Meaning that you should curve the front of the chair so that way it is not painful to sit on. The architectural proportions of this object are weird, so you may try looking at that too.

Yeah, I know all that.
I’m weird :wink:

man, I love it when people ask for opinions and than immediately discount the first one given. That is a core77 classic!

I don’t see it as you.
Don’t know about the other topics, talking about mine…

I agree with comments, and I’m a pretty pretty lazy so I saw before I’ve uploaded this images possible problems, just wanted to hear from others their oppinions about whole idea - concept of chairly-table. That’s why I’m weird. But, this is just a skatch as I wrote and post in “skatches” forum, if I decide to make a sample/ prototype, I’ll do definatelly re-thinking xxx times of this.

Feel free to delete topic, I’ve got what I wanted.
P.S. - Well, if you’re an admin, you should act like that, but first not to turn away from topic.

Looks like a pony or puppy dog in the table mode.

Well, my only concern would be that the table portion must not hold anything heavy or it’ll tip over.

why not use the tabletop as the chair back.

or is that detracting from your perfect concept?

I taught about that, too.

Wow, how many members of this forum have some personal problems, go and make an union, psychos.

People are trying to help you. Although through sarcastic means, they are still trying to help.

If you’re looking for criticism, please have the humility to accept it when it comes. If you’re concept is not complete, complete it, then show us so we don’t pick you apart on the fact that you haven’t crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s.

First off, as I wrote already, I’m not professional industrial designer and I’m really not into following that scene, so for the last time, I came here with an idea that is not finished (completed) to hear others advices, such as “interesting/ not interesting… go ahead/ trash this…”. Meantime, cause nobody answered on topic for more then 15 days, I figured out by myself some possible problems and corrections. Made and didn’t send new images here, thinking “Why the f**k should I send there when I didn’t got any comments?”. What’s the point?

Maybe my second “weird” post was unclear, but I honestly answered what I meant - I was lazy.

And then I read impulsive-irony comment from some king Bush of Nazareth about “my perfect concept”. None said it was perfect, but he need to read carefully what others are writting. If he wanted to kiss Admin’s **s, then that’s approved. If you don’t like it, say it I DON’T - not playing irony games and then act like “colegue-sissy”

Closed topic concerning me.


OK, Your a graphic designer, maybe this will work:

An industrial designer, who has never done a logo before puts up one image of a design on a heavily trafficked GD discussion site. You give him some feedback. He replies that he thought of all that already, but hasn’t posted up anything… how would you feel?

My suggestions:

  1. if you are interested in feedback, then take it, improve the concept, repost, bask in the praise.

  2. if you are not interested in that, then just let it go.

    Relax, its a forum, have fun.

can’t help but chime in with my 0.02$ worth.

  1. good for you to post your concept for comments and criticism. that is no easy thing even for professionals, but even more so for someone not in the industry.

  2. if you get comments/criticism - which by my reading were all intended in a constructive (through perhaps a little sarcastic tone), you should take them for what they are worth: comments from designers at large, not personal and certainly not gospel.

  3. if you are thinking “what’s the point?”, think instead “what have i got to lose”. no comments, nothing posted by you, nothing ventured nothing gained. no comments, again, nothing lost. this is the sprit of asking for advice.

  4. nobody is kissing ass, or anything of the like.

The more you add, the more you will give back.

If you are still interested, here’s my comments on your concept (though a little hard to get into detail as you pulled the pics):

a. the chair height/proportions look off (too high) as mentioned
b. the convertible concept in theory is interesting.
c. in what scenarios do you see this being used? occasionally, all the time (in which case why isn’t the table permanent?), at home? work? school?
d. what problem does this solve? ie. is it for small dorm rooms that don’t have space for table and chair?
e. if you are not using the table, where do you put the stuff on it? if you are using the table and not the chair, where do you sit?
f. structural balance should be addressed more…