My car

I think it is a beast…Godzilla for sure :smiley:


Very nice. GT-R or GT-S?

A friend of mine in the states has an R33 GT-S, the RHD was great for driving around with one person on the left side holding a spare steering wheel out the window screaming at passer-bys. Always got some fun reactions that way. :laughing:

GT-R…I get doubletakes all the time with the RHD LOL.

Lets see what really important - under that bonnet.

Anything done so far?

<<---------- Jealous.

aaahhhh… lucky Canadian… so much easier to register those cars up there…

Absolutely beautiful, and I love the wheel choice…

That’s an R32. I really wish they had made an American R34. Best looking, mho.

RHD is getting harder to register. Quebec has banned new registrations. Meanwhile, I can’ t import an MR2 or GTO because of the weak US bumpers. Argh!

Yeah, that was a low move IMO, but there are always pre-ban date cars available…I know several that have gotten their R33 before the cutoff date.

No underhood pics yet…camera died on me. :frowning: