My car was STOLEN.. Chicago..

So I woke up to find that my crx was stolen between 6pm last night and 8am this morning. Anyone in the Chicago area please keep your eyes open for my Baby. I can give a reward in beer for any information that brings my car back. I am just in shock now so I will have more info later. Thanks
a picture so you know what to look for.


That sucks, dude. What’s the model and where were you parked?

Sure it wasn’t towed? The private tow-companies in Chicago are ruthless, and its easy to overlook the signs.

A 1989 Honda crx STD (DX) but with many upgrades…It was parked on W wrightwood ave and hamden, right outside my apt building. I know it wasn’t parked illegally. my block is open parking. As for it being towed. I asked the police and they don’t have a record of it. Someone I was talking to online who lives near me walked out to his crx and saw people peeking over his fence to get a look. He chased after them but they managed to get away. This happened 3 days before my car went missing… Thanks.


That’s the worst. I was in a similar situation some years ago when I was living around there. In fact, I’ve been towed and had a car stolen in the park nearby. My suggestion is take tomorrow off, get an Einstein bagel, go rent Big Lebowski, then download Sweet Revenge by John Prine, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Car theft in the Midwest is a rare occurrence, when compared to other places. That is a super nice CRX too… I would think that your car was not taken for it as a collector piece, and will probably be stripped. I had several friends have this happen to their civics. I had a supra so I really did not worry about it too much. I’d get that bagel and get on your insurance agents good side so you can get some money for it. Look for recites for parts and photos to prove that the parts were in the car.

As for taking tomorrow off. I already have it off so an Einstein bagel does sound good… but I will be calling my insurance agent and sorting out all the details. I knew there was a risk driving my car around because I knew that if it was stolen it would be for the parts…I just hoped it would never happen to me. Its just a bummer since I spent so much time building the car the way I wanted it. I spent so many hours in the garage and time searching for the right parts…Thanks for the thoughts…I do have some leads on the car but as of now I’m 50/50 on getting it back…


Just a shot in the dark - do you have Ohio plates?

Sept. 29, 2008 Honda (OH plates)

those DO look like OH plates

I did… Thanks for the link. I didn’t know that existed. I’m checking it out right now…


nice find mgnt8, I hope that’s your car.

In school I drove an 88 accord that was always near the top of the “most stolen vehicles list” At times I was nervous it would get stolen and I’d end up stranded on one of my many road trips. It was broken INTO twice, but never stolen.