My boss runs like a girl:


I posted a messge yesterday about my boss being caught running like a girl. I’m not sure what to do because he is losing credibility within the organiztion. The company is pretty big so there are alot of people making jokes. Should I be loyal and tell him, or just let him stay the fool. The company is global, so there is an extremely present “macho” culture that doesn’t help the matter at all. He doesn’t have any real friends who would be honest enough to tell him about his problem. Should I tell him?


no moron
who the fuck cares
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I think the problem is about your homophobic.
Who cares especially in the global companies that some big bosses and co-workers are feminine or even gays?
Industrial Design field is the last place where too much “macho” is playing around. Does it matter if your biceps are bigger than the designer next to you, or your boss runs or dresses like a girl?
Think outside of the box…please.

This guy writes asking a valid question, and someone’s right there to nag him about being homophobic like they have all the answers to everything -

I say do what you can to help him out - be a good person, that’s the only thing that matters in the end.

why is running like a girl so bad?
there are lots of girls that run like girls.

I can live with people running like girls, especially since there are a lot of really good female runners out there that could kick your ass any day of the week.

Now throwing like a girl…thats just unforgivable.

tell him.

he may wind up at a better company. be polite. be respectful. design community is small. reinforce bridges when you can.

and besides being the right thing to do, it’s smart. watch people who are inconsiderate and mean. some day they’ll probably do something stupid. piss off a client. or vendor. some offhand remark they make or something. i’ve seen it happen. so just watch objectively and make mental notes. you may not want to be around them when they get taken down.

The company is global, so there is an extremely present “macho” culture

truth be known, he’s probably not the only one.

Tell him and watch your butt get kicked to the curb.

Or don’t tell him and watch him lose all of his credibility in this age of global machismo (bet you’re wrong on this, esp. w/regards to the design world), and then take over his job and your company’s clients…since your posts suggest how strong and credible you are yourself.

Get a life. Don’t post this crap on Core. Speak up and show your employers what a good a.s.s. you are.

I could see making a rock video about this guy, how he runs like a girl, and Motley Crue is in the background wailing - maybe dress him up like Karim Rashid, and show him running through the halls, and the lyrics could talk about how he’s running from love, you know, but in the end love conquers all - maybe the title could be “you can’t run from love” or “Running like a girl”.

Girls Girls Girls!!!

do u love ur boss or u have a special favour in him?why bother u are hesitating about whether to tell him or not?i will go faint,woopse````````

I am coming back. :smiling_imp: Haven’t got idea?~~~ :sunglasses: