My book

Hey guys. Please take a look at my book, and tell me what you think. Thanks.


Had a quick look and first things to ask i guess is this suppposed to be a portfolio to show to prospective employers? Or is it simply a collection of your work put online, I couldn’t quite suss out which.

I ask because I personally, although being a fan of abstract style of presentation found the whole thing incredibly frustrating. Firstly i had no idea what those side headings were going to lead me to, for example; read. I expected to see a CV, or even a PDF portfolio. Was quite surprised too see a blog. Likewise with the feel and see, feel i compltely ignored because I just didn’t get it first time round.

Which to be honest is a massive shame because, i liked some of your posters, granted i didn’t get some of them but I had to hunt and was constantly clicking to find work and I got bored of clicking very quickly which like i said was a shame because some of it was really good in my eyes (but then im not that hot on print ).

Lastly i didn’t know who you were, how you think are you a practising Industrial Designer, print designer etc… There was very little explanation behind the work also.

my 2 cents