My Blog --- Upsetting People?

Somebody recently left a comment on my blog…to please stop spamming this forum…I don’t think I’ve ever spammed this forum…If I’ve left a topic that didn’t really have anything to do with design I dropped it into the OFF Topic section…I do admit that I have answered some really old posts…but thats just because sometimes the un-answered posts from a few years ago are even better than the ones that people posted recently…If by MISTAKE I replied to somebody else who spammed that was well a MISTAKE…my intentions are honest and never intended as spam…if this ANONYMOUS person really cared about spamming and junk like that…they would’ve given me there contact info so that we could discuss this further more. Also If you notice that my user name shows up more often than others…its only because sometimes I systematically answer one post from each section or category…leaving a trail of my user name up and down the forum board…that has nothing to do with spamming…anyway…if I have done something wrong please point it out instead of leaving some weird comment on my blogspace about spamming!!!

I wouldn’t worry about it no2… People say stuff. You did go on quite the binge, but you also dug up a few good topics that have gotten some love… Do your thing… In moderation :wink:

Thanks Yo…Happy New Year Buddy