My Apple Ipod shoe

Hey , my friends ! This o ne here is my submission about this months theme - the Ipod Nano … I wanted to approach this theme kind of looking in the past but if we live 5-6 years from now . I’m really curious what kind of technologies will be available then , but o ne thing I’m sure about that there is gonna be computers o n the shoes . So this perfectly match the theme - well , at least Ipod have processor , I didn’t try to approach its functionality . So as we live in kind of Retro era , I decide to see what such a retro era will look like if we’re in 2010 . I choose the Air Penny line as a milestone . In my design I tryed to incorporate the key features of all the shoes in that line , and in same time to add something new the shoes look and functionality . The “intelligent” adjustable strap , powered by processor , is the key feauture in this shoe . In my experience , when we have too tight straps Ihave the same heavy feeling while o n the court ,so I think it can really help reduce that effect . It works like this- there is 10 nano sensors in the inside sock of the shoe , that are directly touched by the foot . They indicates for extra preassure (or lack of it) to the processor ,which send that information to the cog-wheels in the mechanism that adjust the strap . With having three indipendent managed cog-wheels (2 for justmoving the straps sting and o ne to wrap it around itself for tightening) I think there could be really good result in "Artificial " effect of the strap . … The other key are is the midsole part ofthe shoe . I decide to separete it in two parts that have connection between them o nly in the forefoot area . I believe that such connection will have both air ax cushioning (the heel midsole part is loaded with three air max units ) and Shox acutivating effect … S o Icalledit m3x , kind of combining both names … I quess this notes about the shoe becomes too long so I’m stopping … Hope you’ll like it Ole !

Nice explorations. I like the exploded view a lot. They go a long way in explaining your idea (and always look convincing). Good proportions on your outsole view. The lateral view gets a little puffy through the midfoot. I think those mateerial changes could be more subtle. I also think you shading could have a bit more depth. Try putting a light shadow over the midfoot, this makes it look like its wrapping away in space.

I have a few questions for you:

Why use the Air Penny’s as inspiration? Apple design is one of the most highly respected design teams in the world. Using a secondary inspiration makes it sound like you wanted to do a retro Penny and just squeezed it into the theme.

Why use an expensive processor to adjust the fit of the shoe, which is highly subjective to the wearer? There are many things a processor can do. If you are going to use a chip, I think you could come up with something cooler.

Yo , I’m glad you reply on my shoe ! About your questions …Well , I choose this theme in a little different angle . I choose the Penny line because back in those days it had the most innovative approach . All the new techs and materials were first used in that shoes and I thought it would perfectly fit my first idea to make a retro line of the future .It’s kind of confusing combination - “futuristic -retro” look , but and a very interesting one too ! I also tryed to stay in touch with clear oval lines and simple forms to match the Apple style , but I quess failed to do it right combining all the parts of the shoe . It’s a hard task to make something similar to High-tech product in a shoe , because it’s function is under the cover while the shoe needs a different approach I quess . In the end , when you buy a High-tech tool , all you care is what advantage I’ll have under the cover … Actually , Yo, the answer of your second question you allready answered I think - it’s very subjective . I tryed to match all that subjective taste about tightness , in one tool that will “decide” by the terms of use how loosen or tight will be shoes fit . It basicly work like you first manualy decide the basic tightness , and the system just decide when (extreme situations that may cause foot danmages) to add more or remove tightness .You know , the idea originaly came when I played for first time in my LeBron II shoes- I was tighteened the strap perfectly for and felt perfect in the time that act, but while making some movements on the court I felt unneeded presure … I decide not to be cool but practice this time . About the cost of the processor - probably you’re right .But it could be replaced by cheep piece of memory that just remember the combination of impulses that the sensors can send and the correct match wit hthe signals to be sent to the cog-wheels , that will manage the strap in right situation . I actually am student in Technical University of Sofia and this system will be my Bachelor degree project and I’m gonna use just a piece of memory , it will cost definately less money to me … This post comes too long again , so thanks in advance to everybody who was patient enough to read it , Ha-ha ! Ole !

you have skills to start thinking : “maybe i can start looking for a job”
and i would say: sure! but you need to improve a few things…

great tooling (midsole, outsole, shank, plate…)
bad upper.
i do understand you wanted to push it very far but trust me your idea would have been much more exiting if it was closer to something producable.
don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean traditional.

but, hey , this only if you want to start prepearing yourself for the industry.

keep doing it!

D.D. : I’m trying to improve with every design I make and preparing for my dream come true - to see my design in real one day !
I think I know what you mean about the upper stuff . In the back of the shoe there is nothing that give any signs of thought behind it .But it’s not exactly like that … I’ll try to figure it out and post the result soon , along with lece cover off view . Thanks !

P.S.: D.D. - is that you , Mr. Dekovic ? Can I ask you some questions , I’m a bulgarian so I think I could go similar as your path … This is my email : , I’ll be very happy if you mail me . Thanks !

:laughing: :laughing: @ mr.Dekovic… i ain’t no mr.

have e-mailed you.

can’t stop :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


vents, this idea is nice, but your shape and rendering doesnt stand out. (relative to your previous work) your shoes on KG really GRAB attention and stand out from the crowd. this one looks a little cute, you know what i mean? hope this doesn come out too offensive.