My 1st Kickstarter - The World's First BBQ Timing Watch

We launched our first Kickstarter Monday night. It’s going pretty good so far.

We love watches, and grilling so we thought of a way to actually use the timer bezel function on a diving watch. We realize that cook times vary due to meat cut, temp, etc… but we really just wanted a fun way to remind us to flip our meat!

It was very challenging creating the graphics on an actual bezel, as they are much smaller in reality than my watch concept sketches. I had to go from a very cool font that has an outdoor feel to it, to a more standard (but legible) one.

Please check it out, and forward the link if you like it.

This incinerates Modern Man’s funny bones.

This is Modern Man’s latest BBQ Kickstarter campaign, just in time for summer.

Modern Man is on fire today! :laughing:


I just can’t get enough of Modern Man these days.