this here is a shoe inspired by/designed for joe thornton, premier passer, of my san jose sharks (hockey team). he’s one of the three candidates for MVP this year. the sharks were in a 10 game losing streak, they acquired joe and proceeded to win their next six games and finally came to claim fifth seed in the stanley cup playoffs. i love joe.

Nike teams up with bauer once more to create the Joe Thornton signature shoe.

and here is a hockey skate that somehow found its way onto the page:
(ps i know the blade is way off, but i kinda liked where the boot part of it was going)

please let me know what you people think!

Any reason why it looks like a skate (the kind with wheels) shoe?

Other than that I would say the proportions are very stubby right now. keep working it… don’t stop with one sketch, really flush it out.

ah you mean heelys? i admit it does look like a skate shoe but my first goal was to have it emulate the shape of a hockey skate- very boxy, especially in the toe …box.

do you think there would be a market for a boxy street shoe?

Also Bauer is a very performance oriented brand, is there any type of training that the athletes do off the ice that this could be geared toward?

Check out this guys proportions, might be a direction:

Also some of the Nike 6.0 stuff might be a good influence:

whoa, when did all this nike 6.0 stuff happen? the styles are nice but i feel they are just nike-ized versions of other skate brands’ shoes… as opposed to the ecue which was ALL nike… vans, etnies, dc, etc couldn’t touch that.

thanks for your insights though. about nike and bauer- they DID team up to create the Supreme ONE90 right? does nike own bauer now?

actually i’m thinking a Joe Slide is more in order, for locker room use, and the offseason (summertime!), i suppose…though i hope it doesnt come too soon for my sharkies. speaking of slides, i bought the nike Land Slide couple years ago and they’re super comfy but they make my feet sweat a lot.