Mustang GT & SVT Truck Autographed 2005 concept Collecti

Mustang GT & SVT Truck Autographed 2005 collectibles
Mustang GT & SVT Truck Autographed at Ford PDC

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On eBay – the Township of Milford, MI is auctioning off show signed Auto-Show cars to raise money for the Slidell, Louisiana Fire Department who lost much equipment during Hurricane Katrina. The entire Ford Design Center, including Directors, Design Chiefs, Engineers, Managers, Clay Modelers, Surface Modelers, Metal Shop Workers, Wood Shop Workers, and Millwrights all signed a Mustang and SVT Truck The people who make the car designs at Ford come to help and signed these car models. They make the show cars that everyone sees at the International Auto Shows. To authenticate the models, pictures were taken of the signed Remote Control vehicles on the hood of the real Mustang show car in the Ford Advance Product Design Studio in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford Product development Paint Shop Masters Chris Turk and Marty Cox are sealing the names on the remote control vehicles with clear coat to ensure that the signatures will last a lifetime.

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Auto Show - Ford Design Team Autographed R/C Model
Signed - Ford Design Studio staff for Hurricane Katrina

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Mustang rendering of STL data

SVT Truck rendering of STL Data

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