must these courses ID students learn?

do you think which courses a college student of ID must learn?

product design 1 product desgn 2 principles and methods of desing research design planning design policy observing users design languange product panning technological development an design innovation design planning and technological innovation computer applications in desing computer supported design processes design analysis design synthesis design problem solving interface design life cycle & sustainable design cognitive human factors physical human factors systems and systems theory in design product form production methods

I think you are saying

“Out of these topics which is most relevent for me to learn?”

all of the above and more…


Be nice!

Design is international. We all have our own languages but we try to use English together. The reason you do not see a lot of our Chinese design partners on these forums is because of the attacks about their English. The Chinese culture is not a “debating for sport” type of culture.

I am so thankful that JiangzhouG came forward to ask questions and hope you all will treat him with some respect. He has been very brave.

Try to work with him to find answers.

thanks for your help and advices.

sorry for moking you. I was under the impression that you were a kid from n. america who was rambling. Yeah learn everything you can.

You must mean “mocking” :wink: … oops

JiangzhouG: I would recommend you focus both on the topics that interest you the most, and the ones that are your weakest… by balance both extremes.