Must-see in NYC?

My friends and I are taking a train to New York over spring break (March 21-28). Half of our group are architecture majors so they want to check out a lot of the buildings. The other half are industrial design majors. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on must-see design events, places, exhibits?

So much to see, but something a little different. Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA:


You should check out the Highline (, the New Museum downtown and Gehry’s Beekman Tower that going up on Spruce St.

Cooper Hewitt and MOMA, obviously, but I also quite enjoyed the Noguchi Museum.n

You all should go have a ping pong tournament at Spin!

grab some good eats while you are there!!
Food and restaurants are highly relevant to design and art and one of the greatest things about New York.

Here are some of my favorites and affordable ones:
(I am posting ny mag links because their homepage are across the board pretty horrible)

Fette Sau BBQ - Fette Sau | New York Magazine | The Thousand Best
Motorino Pizza - Motorino | New York Magazine | The Thousand Best
Momfuku Noodle Bar - The Thousand Best | New York Magazine
Ippudo - The Thousand Best | New York Magazine

There are many more but those I really like, didn’t rob the bank, been many times and was never disappointed.

definitely check MoMA - in addition to Tim Burton (if you have to have it) 24 starts Rising Currents - about sinking Manhattan and what NYC architects propose. Also, the gallery with William Kentridge animated films and drawings is fascinating.
Skin Fruit curated by the Jeff Koons is on view in New Museum
and…Dutch designer Joris Laarman is in Friedman Benda Gallery (26st Street in Chelsea)
more for architects: Envelopes in Pratt Manhattan Gallery on 14th, and check the Storefront for Art and Architecture - also an interesting take on subject of ‘quarantine’

check our new blog with ‘March in NY’ for other suggestions. :wink: