Must have Design Toy / Gadget post holiday edition

The Holidays have come and gone and you may or may not have gotten that cool Design Toy / Gadget that you where hoping for. Maybe you got money or even have a little holiday bonus left over, what is the Design related Toy / Gadget you will be spending it on?

Myself, Im interested in the Wacom Inkling. Seems like a fun toy to play around with. At $200 im not expecting it to work miracles but it still looks cool.

What Design related Toy / Gadget is everyone else after?

I bought an HP wide format printer, the Officejet 7000, which I have at work and despite the reviews has worked flawlessly. I hope the one I bought, for 129 on amazon, was built on a wednesday as well.

I (the only ID’er at my work) have SketchBook Designer on the way for work use. I have been playing with the trial, and like it, but the interface is much different that Sketchbook Pro (which I use now).

So home and work gadgets!