Music Stories

I love listening to old stories by famous bands and musicians. I take guitar classes at the old town school in Chicago and my teacher spends half the time telling stories (he’s a folk singer so…)
Anyway, I came across this fun story from Johnny Marr (The Smiths, TheThe, Modest Mouse) talking about lending a guitar to a penniless Noel Gallagher (Oasis) who later smashed it over a fans head.

If you know of any good stories lets hear them.

I remember a story one of my teachers told us when we were learning about composition and hierarchy (in drawings, poster, graphic design etc.). He told it as a quote of Lemmy telling his sound technician “I don’t give a f*** how loud my bass is as long as everything is louder than everything else”. I later learned that is was actually said by Ian Gillan of Deep Purple: “Could we have everything louder than everything else?”, and then later “Everything louder than everything else” was used as a title of a Motörhead album.

Anyway, it stuck with me. You cannot have everything louder than everything else. You need to build a hierarchy to tell your story.