Music and design

As a Multi-Disciplinary designer and Dj Wannabe I was staring out of my window 5 minutes ago exploring the connection between my particular genre of music (electro-popish-synthish-indie) and it’s effect on design as a whole. There’s a clear connection between music and fashion and graphic but are industrial and product design influenced by music genres?

Off course they are :wink:

If I want an aggressive design I’ll listen to dnb/IDM or other dark-tinted-music.
If there’s a need for a softer (more female?) kinda look I’ll play some ambient-music.
And I never listen to music with lyrics since these tend to distract me to much.

Here’s my last-fm profile: atohms’s Music Profile |

I’m currently working on baby-products so it should list some happy-IDm-music :wink: