music and design

I guess all of you guys listen to music when working… I was doing it too when I was a graphic designer student…

I’m now a composer, producer and music consultant, and I’m looking for difeerentiated application for my musical productions;

so if you guys need (almost) any kind of origianal music for some of your projects, (exibithions, interactive interfaces, web sites etc) please contact me at

one of my projects at:

cool ill definitely keep it in mind. have you worked with product design before for this type of application?

yes, I’ve done the music for a benetton’s fashion show, one for playlife, I’ve done the music for games, web sites, art exibitions; I can send you my CD if you want. just drop me a line at
thank you!


p.s. what you hear in the web site is only one side of my work (the DUB side, I would say), but I do many other different styles (portfolio CD available on request)